Mifanstech V-10

Mifanstech V10 is a multiplatform gaming headset. It offers a surround and noise cancellation microphone. Moreover, the design of the headset is superb because it has LED lights. Mifanstech comes with a 3.5mm jack and, it means you connect it with all devices included Pc, ps4, ps5, laptop, tablet, mobile devices, and Xbox. Moreover, if you want to connect it with your PC, then you need to have a splitter cable.

Mifanstech offers a stylish headset. If we talk about the design, the headset is plastic made with a metal headband. For adjustment, you also suspended the headband. The two earcups have generous padding, which has memory foam cushions, and they will help you to wear them for long sessions.

Outside the earcups, you got the brand logo with Aluminium LEDs light that creates an amazing effect when you plug in the headset while the mic also got the Light.

The sound level of this head is noticeable with the price point because it cost you under 20. So, you can expect the quality according to the price. Moreover, it offers surround sound that creates a 3d effect in gaming. When you play the games with the surround sound, it let you feel that the sound is coming outside the earcups.

Contrarily, the nose reduceable microphone can pick up your vocal. You can use the microphone for communication with your companions, but you cannot use it for streaming.

Rii Gaming Headset

Rii is a stereo gaming headset. Rii displayed a headset with a noise cancellation microphone. In this headset, you won’t get surround sound and, I think it’s a good option that they offered stereo sound. The reason is the best surround sound you will get with the premium headsets.

So instead of getting cheap surround sound, stereo is the best one. Rii headset has a 3.5mm and USB jack, but for the PC, you still need to get the splitter cable. In the same vein, you can connect the headset with any device.

Rii offers a plastic-built headset with a nice design. The headband has three bubble cushions, while the earcups also have soft memory foam padding. In this way, you can use it for a long time. As usual, like the other low cost, you got the Logo of the brand with the LED rainbow effect. When you plug in the headset, the Logo lit up and produce the rainbow color light.

Contrarily, In front of the microphone, you also have the light that gives the signals of the working mic. Under the left earcup, Rii offers volume and Mic mute button.

If we talk about the sound level, the Rii offers stereo sound, and it works perfectly. However, you can’t sound like surround sound, but it has decent sound. On the other side, the microphone is omnidirectional and flexible enough. The microphone cancels the background noise and provides you crystal clear sound.

LETTON Gaming Headset

LESSON headset is a gaming headset that costs you under 20 dollars. LESSON offers a noise-reduceable microphone and Surround sound. When it comes to connectivity, it offers multi-device connectivity. For instance, you can use it with your PC, ps4, Xbox, and mobile devices. In the same vein, you can connect it with your PC by using a splitter cable. Moreover, you can flip up the microphone.

Physically the design is looking excellent. The glassy black color makes it look good, but the headband is simple black. You also got a blue color accent on the earcups and under the headband. That is the reason the headset looks excellent.

The headband and the earcups have breathable soft padding. So, if you want to use it for a long session, you are more than welcome. On the left earcup, you got the microphone, while on the right earcups, you got the logo in blue color.

The sound level of this headset is prominent according to the price. We can’t say that it has exceptional sound, but with the price, it does a great job. It has surround sound, but you can’t compare this headset surround sound with the premium headsets. So, the overall sound quality is great, While the microphone provides high-end noise cancelation quality.

SUPSOO gaming headset

SUPSOO Sa920 is a stereo gaming headset. It proposes a flip-up microphone and multiple platform connectivity. For instance, you can use a headset with your PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile devices, and PC. If you want to connect it with your PC, you need a splitter cable, which includes in the box. In the same vein, if you want to connect the headset with an older Xbox then, you require an extra Microsoft adapter not included in the box.

SA920 design looks like the SADES Spirit Wolf headset design with little changes. Moreover, the build quality is plastic, but the overall design is excellent. The white and the black headset also have a blue color accent. The blue color appears on the headband inside the earcups and outside the earcups. The headband has three little bubble pads, while the earcups have soft leather finish padding, which provides you noise isolation.

SA920 featured high precision 50mm driver, which delivers high fidelity sound. SA920 has a stereo sound system. So, the sound quality is neither so bad nor so up to the mark. We can say the SA920 has a reliable sound system. However, the Microphone is noise-canceling, and it provides you loud sound.

So, you can use it to chat with your friends, or you can also talk with your friends. The headset also offers wired inline control for mic-mute and volume control. Inclusion, the sound is good but isn’t exceptional, while the mic quality is excellent. With that price range, The headset deliverable quality is more than good.

LETTON L3 Stereo

Letton L3 is a stereo sound gaming headset that offers a noise-canceling microphone with a flip-up option. It also follows tradition and offers multiplatform connectivity. You can connect the headset with your ps4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. However, it comes with a 3.5mm jack. So, for pc connection, you need a splitter cable. A splitter cable you will get within the box.

When we come to design, The Letton L3 offers a black color headset with a stylish design. The headband and the earcups look extremely comfortable because they have soft padding made of leather material. Outside the left earcups, you will find the microphone and logo in the center, but the over-earcups look like a wheel with a little red point.

The earcup shape gives the idea that it has LED light, but they are simple earcups with some style. The microphone is flexible, you can flip it up, or even you can also adjust it according to your choice.

LESSON features a 40mm magnetic neodymium driver, and it means the sound level of the headset must be realistic. The stereo sound system gives you clear and responsive sound. It doesn’t matter if you use it for pc, mobile, or Nintendo Switch the sound quality will be immersive. On the other hand, the flip-able microphone offers noise cancellation, which does a pretty decent job and picks up your vocal clearly and precisely.

So, in this case, the mic quality will be excellent. But if you want to stream with this headset, then this might not be a good idea. For streaming, you will have to consider a high-quality microphone. In conclusion, Letton L3 is a recommendable gaming headset due to its features and price.


Letton Stereo is an under 20-dollar gaming headset. Its lightweight headset which offers connectivity for all device. You can use the pair with Ps4, Xbox, mobile devices, and even with the PC. For PC usage, you need to make the connection through the splitter, and it will include in the box.

However, if you want to connect the headset with an older version, then you need a separate Microsoft adapter. It is an over-ear headset that offers a noise-canceling microphone.

Letton comes in black color with the plastic build quality. By built quality, the headset look isn’t great at all. The earcups have generous padding, while the headband also has dual padding, which makes the headset super comfortable. On the outside of the earcups, you got the Letton text logo in the red color, while the headband also has a thin red layer. The Wired gaming headset offers inline control for the mic-mute volume control button.

The sound level of the Letton headset is great because it has used 50mm, Audio drivers. The headset with 50mm drivers can produce a loud sound, but that doesn’t mean it also offers excellent output. But the Letton headset comes with decent sound quality. Contrarily, the microphone is adjustable, and it offers noise cancellation.

It can pick up voice precisely, and it can produce a clear sound. Moreover, if you want to switch off the microphone, you got the inline control. In conclusion, the overall headset with the given price range is decent, but the built quality looks cheap.

Mpow EG3 Pro

Mpow EG3 pro is the favorite in line with the best gaming headset you can get for under 20 dollars. It has superb built quality with 7.1 surround sound. The good-looking headset offers multiplatform connectivity includes PC, Ps4, Xbox, and mobile devices. It’s a wired headset, and you will find a 3.5 audio plug and a USB plug.

But for a PC connection, you will need to have a splitter cable includes in the box. The only usage of a USB plug is to give power to lights that you will find outside the earcups. For communication, you also got the noise-canceling microphone.

Mpow offers a decent headset design that is plastic made with an aluminum headband. Under the aluminum headband, you also got the suspended headband for size adjustment. The headband and the earcups have extra memory foam, which enhances the comfort level. So, in this case, you can wear it for a long time without causing ear fatigue.

Mpow headset style is different from any traditional headset. In the same vein, outside the earcups, you can find a headset from which attached to the earcups. On the outside of the earcups, you also notice the LED lights, which look very interesting.

Now featured 50mm driver with 7.1 Surround sound. So, the overall sound quality is much better than the same price headsets. The sound is loud and static without distortion with the highlighted bass, and while gaming session, you can feel the bass came through. On the other hand, the noise cancellation microphone crystal clear voice with balanced bass.

If we do, the comparison with the same price range headset Mpow mic quality is far better than other headsets. In conclusion, If you want to get sound quality, mic quality plus, solid built quality, then this headset is worth buying.