Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset

Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz
Audio Connection 3.5mm
Headset Power Wired
Speaker Size 40mm
Microphone Removable Omni-Directional Microphone

The turtle beach 50x stereo gaming headset is a wired headset. It is a versatile gaming headset that takes your connectivity up to the next level. You can connect it with your pc, Xbox, ps4, or 5, and even with your mobile phone. So skies are the limit when it comes to connectivity. Turtle beach provides you detachable mic with decent sound quality. Hower turtle beach build quality is not as credible as it looks but remembers the price point is under 30.

Physically the design looks decent with the color combo. It comes in different colors has two accents, but in this guide, we will be talking about the matte black and green accents. The green accents make its design more attractive, and you can find the green accents under the headband and earcups with engraved green logo.

The downside of this headset is it looks cheap because of its overall plastic build quality. The earcups of turtle beach have soft leather, and the headband also has minimal padding. So it's an extremely lightweight headset and can be used for a long session without fatigue.

Most importantly, the sound quality of this headset is decent but not great. While gaming, you will feel that sometimes its sound work well but sometimes not and, we think it varies from game to game. In some games, you can track your enemies and feel the heavy explosion, While the bass is pretty decent. You can communicate with your team and stream online, but the sound didn't as detail as you can expect.

In conclusion, the detachable boom mic will meet your expectation because it works in a pretty decent way. The voice is clear and crisp without disruption. On the wire, you can find the 3.5mm audio cable with the inline controller. So the mic mute and volume control is at your fingertip.

  • Comfortable
  • Light weight
  • Inexpensive
  • No detailed sound
  • No noise cancellation

Sades sa-902 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Headset

Frequency Response 20~20.000Hz
Connector USB
Cord Length 5.1 ft. - 7.9 ft.
Speaker Stereo
Version Wired

The sades 902 wired surround sound gaming headset is a recommended headset due to its features and quality at this price. It is just under 30 and, you will find the surround, decent design, cable with inline control, with noise cancellation microphone. What do you expect more at this price range? However, it has a limitation with its connectivity because you can use it pc, mac, and laptop, not with Xbox and play station.

The build quality of this headset is plastic made, and it comes in gallery black and matte black accents having red color led light on earcups and a red outline on the headband. The earpads and a headband have leatherette-type material. So, comfort-wise, Sades does a great job. The little downside of this headset is SADES claims it over-ear headset, but if you have big ears over standard size, you can feel the headset on your ears.

Furthermore, the headset features a plastic build, and it does not give you a premium feel like the high ends headset. But with that price, it is worth checking.

When sades come at the sound level, it will surprise you because at minimum budget finally, you’re able to get the surround sound. What do you expect more than under 30 dollars? However, the surround sound doesn’t seem as great as you will find in the Sennheiser 370 gaming headset. But with the low price, it does a decent job.

Another great feature, the noise cancellation microphone, and the quality of the mic will surprise you because it produces a crystal clear and detailed sound with decent bass. The downside of the mic, which you will notice is, its size because it looks small, and in this way, your audio may not, so loud. On the contrary, the wire of the SADES headset has inline control and, it allows you to mute the volume, mic, and control the volume.

  • Surround sound
  • Mic is great
  • Comfortable
  • Small mic

Xiberia V22 Headset for PC

Communication Wired
Pads Material Synthetic Leather
Driver Diameter 50mm
Connectors USB

The Xiberia v22 gaming headset is a USB headset. It has vast bass and surrounds sound with a noise reduceable microphone. However, the wire of the headset has inline controls. The Xbiberia headset is limited to pc, mac, and laptop, and it means you can’t use it for more devices. It is a simple headset with some color style on earcups. It comes in blue-black and red-black accents.

Design-wise, the xiberia looks simple but has red accents on earpads with an engraved logo. The logo produces light like it has LEDs behind the logo on earcups. The earpads and a headband have soft memory cushions, and they can allow you to wear them for hours. The xiberia have large earcups in comparison to other headsets, and it means the big ears person also can use the v22 gaming headset without any trouble.

When v22 comes to sound, it offers twice the price. The surround sound in xiberia lets you enjoy gaming with pleasure. For shooting games with surround sound, you can hear the high explosion texture and firing sound easily. The footsteps also trackable, and it will give you an idea of your enemies. Usually, the surround sound cost you above 100 dollars, but with xiberia, you got in 30 dollars. The negative side is you need to download the software and drivers for surround from their website, and it seems hectic to every user.

Another thing that gamers take into consideration is mic characteristics. The mic is unattachable but does perform well. The noise removal microphone produces a crisp and clear voice for better communication. You can use it for streaming, and indeed you can also use it to communicate with the team. So this is a handful choice for gamers. Like the other headsets, you also got the inline buttons in the wire, so you got the volume control, mic control, and RGB light button.

  • Surround sound
  • Noise cancellation mic
  • Drivers and software need for surround sound

SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

Frequency Range 20-20000Hz
Impedance 32Ω
Plug diameter USB Headset
Padding Soft leather ear pads
Cable length 2.0m

SADES Spirit Wolf is a durable and long-lasting headset. You can stretch and twist it, and there is no issue at all. You will get a surround sound and noise cancellation mic as well. Design-wise it looks stylish and can be a celebrated decision for casual gamers. In under 30, it will be worth checking the product.

Physically, the design is more stylish than sades 902. It originates in three colors, but soon we would like to talk about the white one. The build quality is overall plastic, and the headband earpads are black while the whole set is in white. The headband has three light bubbles cushions, while the earcups have soft memory foam.

On the outside of earcups, you will get a little area with a lightning-up logo. While you plug the headset in, you will find the breathing effect of lightning, and that makes it more exciting. On the Sound side, like the sade 902, it also has surround sound. In the gaming session with this headset, you can listen to the inground voice clearly, and the high blast will be more highlighted with the bass. The bass and the sound are not overwhelming because this is not a premium headset, and we are stick with the price.

However, the overall sound quality is noteworthy. Talking about the connectivity, you have to plug the headset in, and you are good to go. The driver CD you also got with the headset in the box. However, this is a USB headset, and you can connect it with the pc, mac, and laptop.

The mic is noise-canceling, but the negative subject regarding the microphone is looking wide plus small. You can flip it up, but it can’t into mute mode. Sade also has noise isolation features it means while speaking in the mic, you can’t even hear yourself. Like the tradition, you will get the controller on the wire and that it.

  • Stylish with lighting effect
  • Surround sound
  • Noise cancellation mic
  • Mic looks little wider

NUBWO N20 Stereo Headset

Driver ø50mm
Sensitivity 95±3dB
Impedance 32O
Frequency range 20~20000 Hz

Nubwo N20 is a stereo gaming headset that has a detachable mic that contributes noise removal options for users. Moreover, this is a wired gaming headset with a 3.5mm jack having inline controls. This headset has big earcups, So it can cover your ears and give you a full comfy environment. Lastly, when NUBWO comes at connectivity, it breaks all the barriers. You can use it with your pc, ps4,ps5, Xbox series, mac, and with a laptop.so You have plenty of choices available with NUBWO.

Nubwo has a simplistic design that comes with a matte black finish with a red circle outside the earcups that make it more attractive. Moreover, it is a self-adjusting humanized design that can rotate 90degree. So, you can wear it around your neck and move your head freely. The headband and the earcups have a soft protein cushion coat. So it means for a long session, it is a super friendly headset. While talking about the earcups, they usually have big bulky earcups that cover your ear and provide you noise isolation environment.

NUBWO is not a premium headset, So we can’t expect surround sound in this headset. Although some headset provides surround sound at low-priced, when Nubwo has a spotlight, it says sorry to surround sound. NUBwo N20 has stereo sound, which isn’t bad at all. Like surround sound, you can’t feel the Sound texture and footsteps voice, but with stereo, it is good to go option because of its price point.

The noise cancellation microphone did not do well because when you speak, it captures a low voice. So you can’t get a louder volume at all with this headset. Moreover, the inline control is super convenient and allows you to control the volume and mute the mic.

  • Comfortable
  • Build quality is good
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Microphone low voice

NUBWO N12 Headset

Frequency range 20~20000
diameter 50mm
Sensitivity 1023dB
Impedance 3215

The NUBWO N12 headset is the perfect headset for game enthusiasts. No matter which device you have for gaming either, you are pc or ps4, or you have Xbox and Nintendo switch. It has user-friendly connectivity that enables you to use it with any device. Furthermore, you got a very flexible flip-up microphone with surround sound for the ultimate gaming experience.

If you look at the design, you got a simple design headset with a matte black color that has a right and left guide on each earcup. On the outside of the earcup, you got the logo without further modifications. No LED lights, no stylish earcups, and it is a simple headset. The earpads and headband have soft cushions, which will give you a premium feel because that kind of earpads you usually got from premium headsets.

The earcups seem big and bulky, and they can cover your ears. So you will get noise isolation with NUBWO N12. If you are thinking that can you use it for long gaming sessions? I would say yes because of its style and lightweight with generous padding.

Gamer's prioritize headset with good sound. NUBWO produces a noble sound. Either you are a gamer or a music listener. With the low price, you are getting surround sound what you need more when it comes to sound level. The little downside regarding sound is when you listen to music or play games at the high sound. You are getting instant distortion. But being unbiased is not a big issue because you are not paying more than a hundred dollars.

Either you want to communicate with your team, friend, or anyone. The flippable microphone eliminates the background noise and provides you clarity. With the wire connectivity technology, you also have inline controls that let you control the volume and microphone.

Additionally, if you want to use the headset with Xbox, you will need the Xbox adapter for connectivity. At last, with all the handy features, this is a perfect choice for the gamer who wants to spend little money.

  • Comfortable
  • Surround sound at low price
  • Flip up microphone
  • Distortion at high volume.

Mifanstech V-10 Headset

The Mifanstech v10 is a multiplatform headset. V10 has many features that we usually got in the premium headset. So that is why it can grab your attention. The noise elimination with the microphone has a flip-up mute option.

It can be more suitable for your gaming environment because it has LED illumination lights. When gamers talk about sound, the Mifanstech speaks for surround sound. With the metal headband and two-color accents, it seems stylish headset. If we discuss the design of the headset, you will get a stylish headset with green and black accents.

However, the headband featured metals, and the overall headset offered plastic. Outside the earcups, you will the illumination led lights, and on the front of the microphone, you also the led light. It provides a fabulous look when you wear it without light in the room. Inside the metal headband, you also got the memory foam band for adjustability, while the earcups also have memory foam padding that provides stability and comfort.

As it uses surround sound, we can’t say the sound level is not great. While playing games, it creates realistic 3d effects with 3d surround sound. Mostly, we feel that the sound is coming from inside the earcups. However, Mifanstech changes the tradition, and we sense that the sound is coming outside the earcups. That is how it creates a 3d effect with high precision 50mm drives.

Mifanstech claims this is the best microphone you will get at this price with 360-degree flexibility. If you flip up the microphone, it will go into mute mode. You can also detach it whenever you want. It also has the power to eliminate the background noise while you have a conversation with your teammates or friends.

Through the inline controller, you got control over LED light and mic mute and volume. Although it provides multiplatform connectivity, if you want to use it with the older version, you need to get the Microsoft adapter because it will not include in the headset box.

  • Comfortable
  • Extra-long wire
  • Sound is loud and clear
  • None for the price

DIWUER Stereo Gaming Headset

Drivers 50mm
Surround Sound Yes
LED lights Yes
Multiplatform connectivity Yes

DIWUER is a prime gaming headset that comes under 30 dollars. It attains a stereo surround sound profile and a noise cancellation microphone. When it comes to connectivity DIWUER, offers a ps4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC, iPad or Mobile phone, and Nintendo switch. If you old version Ps3 and Xbox, then you need to have a Microsoft adapter.

Moreover, the sidebar of the ear cups owns LED lights that come into action after inserting the USB port into the device. While for sound output, there is also a 3.5mm jack. For a long gaming session, DIWUER includes leather padding on the headband and the ear cups.

DIWUER comes entirely in a plastic built. Moreover, underneath the plastic headband, there is some padding. On the outside of the ear cups, you will find LED lights and a branding logo, while the left ear cup showcases the microphone with a rotation option. Both the ear cups have leather ear cushions that provide comfort for long sessions.

When it comes right down to controls, the ear cup does not have anything to offer. Likewise, you will find the controls on the braided cable included mic mute and volume buttons.

Now comes the sound quality_ To enhance the sound quality of the headset DIWUER offers 50mm, drivers. As a gamer, if you need surround sound for the ultimate gaming experience, then you should have a DIWUER gaming headset. The headset provides the scenario-based cue, for example, the activities of your enemies.

However, If we compare this headset with the premium ones off course, DIWUER seems worthless. But in this price range, you can get DIWUER the best gaming headset. On the other hand, the microphone offers noise cancellation with a flip-up option.

For casual usage, the microphone performs well. But if you are thinking to use it for streams and recording, then you should change your mind. In conclusion, If you need sound quality, noise cancellation microphone, and comfort, you can consider this gaming headset.

ONIKUMA RGB Gaming Headset

Frequency response 20-20000Hz
Impedance 32Ω ± 15%
Microphone diameter 50mm
Headphone jack 3.5mm + USB (USB only for LED lights)
Weight 372g

ONIKUMA is the RGB gaming headset. When you open up the box, you will find a headset and a splitter cable. For multiple devices connection, ONIKUMA used a 3.5mm jack and the USB jack. The USB jack has used to enable the RBG lights. It has a retractable microphone with a noise cancellation feature. To make the gaming experience immersive ONIKUMA offer Surround Sound.

Now the build quality_ The build quality of the headset offers plastic material with a metal touch that you can find while extending it. To make it comfortable for a long session, ONIKUMA used memory foam earpads that are breathable. On the other side, the headband also has nice padding.

Like the other gaming headsets, outside the ear cups, there is a branding logo with RGB lights. On the left ear cups, you can find a retractable microphone and permanent cable. The headset cable offers some controls including, a volume wheel, mic mute, and RGB light switch button, and that is pretty much of it.

To make the sound quality up to the mark, the ONIKUMA comes with 50mm drivers. If you want the best gaming headset for Fortnite, PUBG, and CS: GO, then ONIKUMA can be your best companion. To make you the best gamer in competitive games ONIKUMA features surround sound. The surround sound enables you to catch gunfire sounds, enemy footsteps, and environmental activities.

On the other hand, the microphone performs well in terms of noise cancellation. The little downside of the mic is the production of a low voice, but it is not a bigger issue. Other than that, the microphone delivered a quality sound.