Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

IMPEDANCE 32 Ω (1 kHz)
SENSITIVITY 109 dB (1 kHz)
EARCUPS Oval Ear Cushions
WEIGHT 0.55 lbs / 250 g

Razer Kraken X Ultralight is a gaming headset. It featured Aluminium frames and plastic. When it comes to sound, it offers 7.1 surround sound just for 50 dollars. Moreover, there is also a noise cancellation Cardioid microphone that has flexibility. 

It also has multi-platform connectivity. So, if you use it with your Ps4, ps4, and mobile device, you are more than welcome. However, you can also use the headset with PC, Xbox series, and Xbox One. 

Do You know the best thing about this headset?

It only weighs 250 grams. It is the most lightweight headset in the entire market. If comfort is your first choice, then this headset is groundbreaking for you. It offers plastic quality with an Aluminium frame. Razer used quality plastic so you can stretch and bend the headset at a minimum level. 

On top of the headset, there is a Razer text. On the earcups, you got the brand logo. Left earcups possess two-button including a mic-mute button and volume controller. The headband and the earcups own plush memory foam. So, comfort-wise Razer headset does a decent job because plush memory foam and lightweight maximize the comfort level. 

So, if you wish to use the headset for a long gaming session, it can be a pleasure. The headset has a non-detachable wire with a 3.5mm jack, but you also find a splitter cable.

How’s the sound profile?

As it is known, for 7.1 surround sound, but the Surround sound only works for PC. You have to utilize the code that you can find inside the box. Usually, the Surround sound in the cheap headsets caused many problems. 

For instance, you can experience exaggerated bass with louder volume. But with the Razer headset, this is not the case. It produces excellent sound. However, the mids and highs might be a little exaggerated. When you are unable to the Surround sound, the volume will increase but without complaints. 

In the gameplay, you will experience the directional sound. For instance, the form where the voice coming from OR the gunfire sound and footstep are easily recognizable.

On the flip side, Razer Kraken X Ultralight presents a Cardioid microphone. What is a Cardioid Microphone? It is the most sensitive microphone that picks up the sound from the front pretty accurately. But it can’t pick the sound coming from the surrounding. 

In this way, the microphone sounds clear crisp, and it eliminated the background noise as well. We can say that at this price, it offers substantial value.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Blue Camo Headset

Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Speaker Size 40mm with Neodymium Magnets
Cable Length 1.2m, 4ft
Headband Material Synthetic Leather with Foam Cushioning
Ear Cushion Over Ear, Synthetic Leather with Foam Cushioning

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Blue Camo is a gaming headset. If you are seeking a headset that can offer multiple connectivity options. It can be perfect for you. However, it has a flip-up to mute the microphone. When it comes to color Turtle Beach offers eight color combinations in this headset. At this price range, you cannot expect Surround sound. So, you have to live with stereo with this headset.

Like most gaming headsets, It also offers plastic build quality. You can find different color combinations, but you cannot stretch the headset too much. If you do it, then the worse can happen. On the upper side of the headband, there is a Turtle Beach text. While the left earcups exhibit flip up to a mute microphone.

As for controls concern, you will find only volume control on the back of the left earcup. The earcups offer Synthetic leather ear cushions that seem comfortable. There is also a little padding inside the headband, but We wish they could add more to make it more comfortable.

The sound department of the headset offers a decent sound profile. In the gameplay, you can find the headset has detailed sound.  It could help you to feel the enemies' footsteps. You can also exact pinpoint opponent directions.

The downside of this headset is the muddy bass and the loud volume. But you cannot disappoint because at this price range it all yours. On the flip side, the flip-up to mute microphone offers good quality. You can use it for communication on different devices, but if you are thinking about streaming.

It might not be a good option for you. In competitive games, for teammates, help if you scream in the microphone for foe clues. Then you might feel a little distortion. At last, the microphone also picks up the background noise.


Sound Virtual Surround Sound
LED Lights Yes
Earpads Protein Leather Memory Foam
Driver Diameter 50mm
Sensitivity 118±3dB

EKSA E900 is an over-ear Gaming Headset. If you need something best under $50, then this gaming headset will not disappoint you. There are fewer headsets in the market which offer detachable microphone and cable at a low price. But EKSA E900 offers. 

This time you will find two detachable cables, 3.5 mm, and a USB. In this way, you can connect the headset with multiple devices. As for microphone concerns, it offers a detachable noise-cancellation microphone.

EKSA E900 offers a plastic and metal frame. It comes in back color with red and green accents, the headband has comfortable padding, while the earcups also offer soft memory protein ear cushions. In this way, you can use this headset for a long session. On the outer side of both ear cups, there is a LED light. 

However, the left earcup exhibits many volume adjustments and Mic mute button. Besides these buttons, earcups also have a 3.5 mm audio jack, USB interface, and microphone interface.

In the sound department, E900 does an excellent job. If you need a unique sound profile at less price, then this headset will be the best pick-up for you. You can enable the Surround Sound with a USB connection, but it only works for PC. 

There are some EKSA drivers that you need to install for Surround sound. To make the sound better, you can also use the EKSA App. E900 features prominent bass with detailed sound while you can spot the enemies as well. 

Contrarily, the headset also offers a detachable noise-cancellation microphone. The sound of the microphone has clarity and loudness. The noise cancellation also works well. However, the headset quality has not comparable with the premium headset because, at this price range, it provides value to the users.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

Driver Dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
Frequency response: 18Hz-23,000Hz
Impedance 30 Ω
Weight 275g
Cable length and type Headset (1.3m) + Extension Y-cable(1.7m)
Sound pressure level 102 ± 3dBSPL/mW at 1kHz

HyperX Cloud stinger is the best gaming headset that will attract the user under 50 USD. It offers a flip-up to mute noise cancellation microphone. You can use the headset with multiple devices with the 3.5mm jack. On the other hand, for pc connection, the headset also has a splitter cable.

You cannot expect Surround Sound from this headset because it offers stereo sound. It is an on-ear headset that you can also use with the PlayStation 5. Moreover, the earcups are 90 degrees rotatable. So, you can wear the headset around your neck.

If we talk about the building department, the headset offers plastic build quality. Unlike the Astro a10, you cannot stretch the headset too much because it is breakable. However, the headset has a pretty simple design. So there is not RBG OR LED light on the headset.

On the outside of the earcup, you have a brand logo. While under the right earcup, there is a volume slider to control the volume. The headband has ample padding, while the earcups also have memory form, which makes the headset comfortable enough.

The sound department of the HyperX Cloud stinger is more than excellent. There isn't an immense difference in sound if you compare the headset with HyperX Cloud II for under $100. The headset offers stereo sound, which is much better instead of fake Surround Sound.

Generally, you can get the directional sound with Surround Sound. But this is not the case with HyperX Cloud. It does have stereo, but you can pinpoint your enemies in the gameplay accurately. On the flip side, the microphone also has good quality.

If you want to use the microphone for casual talk, it provides enough quality. However, the HyperX Cloud microphone has not recommendable for recording. At last, it is the best headset in this price range.

Corsair HS50 Pro .

Frequency Response 20Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity 111dB (+/-3dB)
Impedance 32 Ohms @ 1 kHz
Drivers 50mm
Cable Length 1.8m
Platform PC, PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile devices

Corsair HS50 Pro is the stereo gaming headset. It has a detachable noise-cancellation microphone. If you are looking for a multi-platform connection headset, Corsair HS50 will be the best headset for you.

It comes with a 3.5 mm audio and splitter to make a connection with every device. However, it is an In-expensive headset, but it provides pronounced comfort for long sessions.

When it comes to building quality, the Corsair HS50 did an excellent job. The heat has an aluminum and plastic build frame. Like the traditional headset, Both the earcups have a logo on the outside. While the headband top also has Corsair text. To increase the coziness headset used generous padding on the headband and the earcups.

You can find the plush memory foam on both earcups. The design of the Corsair HS50 has excellent as it did not seem cheap at all. For convenient control, there is a volume and mic button located on the left earcup.

Now the Sound department: As it is known for stereo, it has a custom-tuned 50-millimeter driver. But it did not offer any Surround sound. The stereo headset provides excellent sound quality. In the gameplay, you can hear the dialogues, the footsteps of the enemies, and the gunfire sound.

On the other side, the noise cancellation detachable microphone undoubtedly catches the vocal. It produces detailed sound, but it also lacks in the bass department. Other than that, the sound quality and microphone quality has too much for this price range.

MSI DS 502 USB Gaming headset

DRIVERS Ø40mm x 2

MSI is the USB gaming headset. It comes with a 7.1 Surround sound and a flips-up microphone. For immersive sound quality MSI offers a 40mm two large driver. It is a wired headset that comes with some convenient inline controls. Although it is a USB headset So, you can’t have the option to connect it with multiple devices.

The build quality of the MSI headset has superb. It has enough flexibility to stretch out the headset. The headset frame used plastic and metal frame. The headband has a metal frame, but you can also find a suspended headband for adjustability. 

For comfort, the headset used plush memory padding on the earcups that enable a user to use the headset for a long session. Outside the earcups, there is also an MSI logo that has built-in LED lights. It lit up when you plug in the headset. 

You will not find any controls on the earcups because the headset offers inline controls. On the wire, you can find the volume control, microphone switch, and enhanced bass switch.

Now the sound department _ To enhance the sound quality of the headset. The MSI introduced two large 40mm drivers. For gaming, it has to Surround sound as well. Practically in gaming, the headset sounded good, with this headset, spot an enemy’s position is not difficult. 

On the other hand, the flip-up microphone does pick the background noise, but it produces excellent sound. Moreover, it also picks up the vocal clarity and brings out the sound with balanced bass. So, the microphone quality is excellent.

Jeecoo Xiberia USB Pro Gaming Headset

Brand Jeecoo
Surround sound Yes
Microphone Noise Cancelling

Jeecoo Xiberia is a gaming headset. It comes with a noise cancellation microphone and thick padding for extreme comfort. It is a USB gaming headset So; you cannot have the flexibility for multiple connections. For an immersive gaming experience, Jeecoo Xiberia incorporates 7.1 Surround sound. As we have a cheaper model gaming headset, but the built quality accord premium feel.

Admittedly, when it comes right down to built quality, it offers sturdy construction of plastic and aluminum inside the headband. The ear cups have thick padding covered with memory foam. Accordingly, comfort is not the issue due to the thick padding of the headband and ear cushions.

Both the ear cups have RGB lights, while the microphone has set the place on the left ear cup. Identically, there are no controls on the ear cups, but the permanent wire has inline controls. For example, you can control the Mic volume, sound volume, switch the microphone, and RGB lights.

Likewise, to enable Surround Surround, you have to download super convenient software. To make the deliverable quality, the best Jeecoo Xiberia featured 50mm drives. In the same vein, Jeecoo Xiberia has the capacity to keep your expectation. With the Surround sound, getting an advantage over enemies is super with Jeecoo Xiberia.

It will help you to pick the gunfire, footstep sound with crystal clear output. As for microphone quality concerns, noise cancellation is there, but you can use the microphone for casual usage, for instance, party chat, talking on discord, or communication on any platform.

To put it all together, Jeecoo Xiberia is a budget-friendly gaming headset that you can consider if you are a beginner or medium-level gamer.

Logitech G332 Stereo Gaming Headset

Frequency response 20 Hz-20 KHz
Impedance 39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)
Sensitivity 107 dB SPL/mW
Microphone Pickup pattern Cardioid (Unidirectional)
Weight 280 g

Logitech G332 is a stereo gaming headset. Like the other gaming headset, it also offers a flip-up to mute microphone. To keep you connect with multiple devices, Logitech G332 offers a 3.5mm jack. Likewise, you can connect the headset with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc.

The built quality looks firm with the maximum size extension. If you would like to take on an RGB gaming headset, you may consider another headset because it does not have any gleaming RGB lights.

Aesthetically, it looks sturdy headset with the built quality of metal and plastic. The ear cups have a rotation that has attached with the extendable headband. When it comes to comfort, the headset offers leatherette padding on both earcups and a headband. Logitech G332 minimizes your freedom because it has the only volume control wheel on the left ear cup. 

To maintain the standard, Logitech G332 offers 50mm drivers without any surround sound. I think it is the best idea because the stereo is better than any fake type of Surround Sound. But let’s see if the Logitech G332 stereo has the capability.

Firstly, it delivers good sound quality, and there is not much hidden in the package, which we called overwhelming. Bass is there with the crystal-clear output, and that is pretty much of it. On the flip side, flip up to mute microphone do cancelation the background noise, and pick up the vocals clearly.

But the sound output seems a little bit harsh at high ends without bass. Overall, we rated this headset a good quality headset.