ROCCAT Elo X Stereo headset

ROCCAT Elo is a stereo gaming headset that provides a wired connection with a 3.5mm audio jack. It offers a noise-canceling detachable microphone for excellent communication. If you want to get surround sound with Elo, you need to get an Elo X USB headset while they also offer Elo Air with surround sound.

But in this guide, we will talk about the Elo X Stereo headset. Elo built a different style headset with a metal headband and generous padding. Moreover, you will get cross-platform compatibility with Elo. You can use the headset to pair with any device.

Elo offers a unique design that comes in black color. The build quality is plastic, but the headband is a metal made with clamping force, and it automatically adjusts according to your head size. The earcups and the headband clamping force have generous padding, which enables users to continue the session for a long time.

On the outside of the earcups, you get the logo, and if you move a little higher, you notice the headband attached with a zig-zag arm. The overall look and feel of the headset seem premium, Although it will cost you under 60.

If the headset doesn’t have a good sound, then the headset isn’t having worth it. But Elo offers excellent sound. However, it didn’t have surround sound, but its stereo sound is way better than other headset sounds in this price range. The highs and the mids are clear and don’t have a muddy sound, While the microphone quality is also worth checking.

You can use the headset for streaming, for talking to friends, and the quality is notable. In the last, with less price, you can’t expect more than that.

  • Excellent design
  • Excellent bass and Sound
  • Great mic quality
  • look big on small heads

Turtle Beach Recon 200

Turtle Beach Recon 200 is a PlayStation and Xbox headset. It offers amplified audio with a flip-up microphone. Moreover, the design is super cool, and it comes in two colors, black and white. Although it is a PlayStation and Xbox head, it also offers multi-platform connectivity with a 3.5mm jack. If you want to use it with your PC, then you a splitter cable that has not been include in the box.

When it comes to design, Turtle Beach offers stylish headsets in black and white color. However, if you extend for adjustability, you also got the metal finish. You got the stylish half-cut earcups with a printed logo. The headband has little cushion, while the earcups have a leather cushion, which doesn’t seem so much comfortable.

On the left earcup, you find the flip-able microphone, and beneath it, you have some buttons include volume control, chat sound control, ps4, and Xbox switch. Surprisingly headset also offers a charging port. You might be thinking that it is not a wireless headset then, why charging. Yes, it needs charging. As we mention, it offers amplified audio, and you need to charge it and plug the wire to use it.

Turtle Beach offers a great sound level for ps4 and Xbox. On these devices, the sound is almost jaw-dropping, and while playing the game, you can hear the movement, For instance, the sound of running, gunfire, and all that came through amazingly. On the contrary, the flip-able microphone is very sensitive, but it is not the best microphone.

The sound of the microphone isn’t an attention seeker, and we can say that it’s an average mic that you get. Lastly, if you need a headset particularly, for Xbox and PlayStation, you can go for it with excellent sound quality and an average mic.

  • Design is great
  • Sound is surprising
  • Solid build
  • Average Mic
  • Less comfortable for long session

Corsair HS60 PRO

Corsair HS60 Pro is a surround sound gaming headset. It offers a noise-canceling detachable microphone. As Corsair called it pro, but it is a wired gaming headset. It comes in matte black color built with plastic and metal. Moreover, it enables users to use this headset for any device. It comes with a 3.5mm jack, and for surround sound, you will need to attach a USB sound card. The other users, except the PC, don’t have access to surround sound.

Corsair offers all matte black handsome design headband, and the earcups attached with the metal Y-frame. In the same vein, the headband and earcups used plush memory foam. So, you can use this headset for a long time without ear fatigue. Inside the headband, you got the white threading design that makes it more decent.

You also got the logo on the outside of the earcup. Corsair offers a volume controller and mic-mute push button on the left earcup. The one downside of the headset is its cable is not detachable. It should be detachable because Corsair claims it is a pro model.

Corsair offers a unique sound system. If you are playing the game with the stereo sound, it seems that the sound is coming inside the earcups, while when you on the surround sound, it makes you feel that the sound is coming outside the earcups.

On the contrary, the movement of the character, explosion sound feels highlighted, and in this way, you feel like the sound is coming from a different outsource. It will give you a clear insight into how decent the sound is?

You can also use the CORSAIR iCUE software for further modification. It will help you to set the EQ setting and change the sound surround to stereo. While if we talk about the microphone quality. The Corsair didn’t do a great job.

Although it is a noise-canceling microphone, it produces a thin sound without high bass. So, you will get the average mic. In conclusion, if you need excellent design and sound, you can get it.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Decent sound quality
  • Solid build quality
  • Average mic

Jeecoo Xiberia USB Pro

Jeecoo Xiberia is a USB gaming headset built for PC. It features a surround and a noise-canceling microphone. It comes in black color with the metal headband covered by plastic. When you extend it for size adjustment, you can notice the metal frame

It has specially made for PC users. So, you have not has the option for further connectivity. The plus point of this headset is you can get the inline sound card, which has many control buttons on it. It also got LED lights on the earcups.

Jeecoo Xiberia offers a decent design. The headset build quality is plastic and metal you got in the headband. Long-gaming sessions are superb with this headset because it offers thick memory foam cushion pads, which seem luxurious on the headband and earcups. Outside the earcups, you got the line logo and, when you plug in the headset, the brand reflects nice lightning.

As it is a wired headset, you can find the inline sound card, which includes a volume controller, mic volume adjuster, RGB light, and microphone on/off. Moreover, the sound card also a clip. So, you can tie it with your shirt as well.

Jeecoo Xiberia offer surrounds sound with a 50mm neodymium magnet. In this way, they produced a quality sound. The mids and highs are not disturbed by any muddiness. The bass is decent, which makes the overall sound is excellent.

While the microphone quality is more than average, you can use it for a conversation with your friends. On the contrary, if you think to use it for streaming, it is not a good option. In conclusion, at this price range, this is worth purchasing an option.

  • Comfortable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • RGB lights
  • None for the price range

RUNMUS K8 Gaming Headset

RUNMUS gaming headset is a big bulky pair of headsets. It follows the tradition and comes with a noise cancellation microphone. It works with all devices including PC, Ps4, Laptop, Xbox, and mobile devices. RUNMUS claims that it is has a simulated surround sound that will give an excellent gaming experience.

It comes with a wire that has a 3.55mm jack and a USB connector, but the USB connector is only used for power, not for sound. If you want to connect it with your PC, you will also get the splitter cable included in the box.

RUNMUS offers a plastic build quality headset. However, if you extend it for adjustment, you will find some steel touch also. The headset is big bulky with big earcups. The headband has a nice black and blue combo, while under the headband, you can find the three-pad bubble to enhance comfort. On the earcups, RUNMUS got a bionic protein cushion, which is soft and very comfortable at the same time.

Outside the earcups, you got the logo, which has LED blue lights. The downside of LED lights is it comes in only blue color, and it’s up to you whether you want to match the LED lights with your setup or not.

RUNMUS offers simulated surround sound, which performs well with decent bass. The sound didn’t up to the mark, but it can beat the same price headsets. On the other hand, the noise cancellation microphone quality is above average. It picks up the little background noise, but overall the vocal pick-up quality is prominent.

In the same vein, for volume control and mic mute, you get the button with the inline attached card. Finally, if you want to have a decent pair of headsets, you can get that if you can negate the blue light on the earcups.

  • Comfortable
  • Good sound quality
  • Multiplatform connectivity
  • USB only used for power
  • Only blue LED lights

Razer BlackShark V2 X

Razer BlackShark is lightweight, and on the best gaming headset, you can get under 60 dollars. It has a noise isolating microphone and 7.1 surround sound. Razer BlackShark is a high-potential headset that comes at a low price and, offers multiple platform connectivity. For instance, you can use it with a PC, laptop, Ps4, Xbox, and mobile devices.  

The minimalistic design headset comes in black color with a green c. The lightweight headset has generous padding over the headband and earcups. Razer BlackShark enables the user to use it for long gaming sessions without any discomfort. 

On the left earcups, you can find the volume wheel and mic-mute button, while on both earcups, you also go to the Razer logo. Moreover, the exposed green cable makes it more attractive, which is attached to the headband and earcups.

The sound level of this headset is excellent. Produce high-quality sound with 7.1 surround sound. On the contrary, the mic quality of this headset provides you detailed and clear communication. The only downside of this headset is the surround sound only available for pc users. You can enable the surround sound with the software. 

The software allows you to customize the sound profile. For instance, you can switch the sound stereo to surround, and you can set the EQ according to your choice. In conclusion, it is a recommended headset that can provide great value, and you can read more about Razer BlackShark V2 X.

  • Light weight
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Extended frame looks cheap

Razer Kraken X USB Ultralight

Razer Kraken is a USB gaming headset for PC users. It is an over-ear classical black headset that offers a noise-canceling microphone and 7.1 surround sound. Razer Kraken is a 275g extremely lightweight headset that lets you enjoy a long session. You can also get the Razer Kraken X gaming headset, which comes with a 3.5mm jack and have compatible with all devices. But this one is a USB headset that has limited connectivity.

Physically the Razer Kraken looks simple headset that comes in black color. The headband and the earcups have generous padding. So, the long gaming session isn’t a problem anymore because we have a lightweight headset with soft padding. On the upper side of the headset, you got the Razer text, while on the outside of the earcups, you got the logo with the green LED light.

So, when you plug in the headset, you can find the logo lightning. Logo only got the green light. On the left earcup, the headset has a volume analog and mic mute push button.

If we talk about sound, the Razer offers a custom-tuned 50mm driver with surround sound. So, the sound you will get is unquestionable. While gaming, you can feel the sound with the surround sound. The bass is not overwhelming, and you will get a well-balanced bass. However, if you want to enable surround sound, you need to get the software code first which, include in the box.

Firstly, it will give a hectic sense, but on the positive side, it guarantees that you got the original gaming headset. On the contrary, the microphone also did a pretty decent job and, it provides a crystal-clear sound. While talking in the microphone, you need to get the mic low. So, it didn’t catch your breathing sound. In conclusion, with the great features, it’s worth checking the headset.

  • Comfortable
  • lightweight
  • Excellent sound
  • Wire don’t have inline control