Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

Game one is an open-style gaming headset. It comes with a flip-up to mute the noise-canceling microphone. It is an ideal headset if you're looking for a comfortable gaming headset because it has used velvet ear pads and a headband. For connection with your preferred device, Game one shared two detachable 3.5mm cables for PC and Console.

With a 3.5mm jack cable, you can connect the headset with PC, Ps4, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. For high fidelity sound profile, Game One features a stereo sound profile rather than surround sound.

As for built quality concern, Game one come over with plastic built quality. The plastic build does not feel flimsy or fragile rather than it is a sturdy and flexible headset. To enhance the gaming sessions, one always needs a comfortable headset.

In this way, Game One features velvet padding for both ear cups and headbands. Moreover, unlike the other headsets, there are not too many buttons to control the headsets except the one for volume control on the right ear cup. The headset shares an elementary design with black color having red accent rings on the body and mic.

Moreover, the headset cable and ear pads are exchangeable. The headset clamping force feels a little tight, and for that reason, it is not the right choice for those who have a big head.

As it is open back gaming design and it is going to block outside noise. In the same vein, other people in your room can also hear your listening. But When it comes to audio quality, the headset does a pretty decent job. As it is a pair of open-back headsets_ that's the reason it has a much wider sound stage that can cover the sound detail openly.

The headset has a neutral frequency response that forces him to share a natural sound stage without exaggeration. The clarity is present, but there is also di-emphasis in the bass department. If you really want to feel the thrust of the explosion, then this headset is not going to help you.

On the other hand, the microphone performs best but in terms of noise-canceling and clarity. It is best for calling purposes and in-game communication. But if you are thinking to use it for streaming or recording, it isn't going to assist you. The reason is it also lacks in the bass department, and sound production seems a little low.

In conclusion, If you need a comfortable headset with excellent sound quality, and you are not a die-hard fan of bass, then Sennheiser Game one might be a good fit for you. Other than that microphone also good in terms of noise cancellation.

Sennheiser PC37 best open back gaming headset with mic

The Sennheiser PC37X is a gaming headset. It offers an open-back design with a noise cancellation flip-up to a mute microphone. Like the Game one headset, it also features a detachable wire. To enhance the connectivity over different platforms, it features two 3.5mm jacks.

One for the mic and the other for audio. If you want to use the headset with a Mobile, laptop, and Nintendo Switch, you have to manage a Sennheiser PCV 05 Combo Audio Adapter. Moreover, Xbox users also need to have a Microsoft adapter to connect the headset.

Comfort-wise it does a great job with the inclusion of velour padding. Velour padding has considered the most comfortable padding, and if you are a glasses person, PC37X can be the ideal pair for you. The PC37X has a plastic build quality, and the style is nearly identical to the Game one headset. The Game One owns black color with a red accent, but the PC37X holds only a back color.

Like the Game one headset, the right ear cup has the same style of volume wheel. On the other side, the left ear cup has a flip-up to mute the microphone. Either you want to use it for long gaming sessions or long conference calls, the headset is extremely comfortable because of velour padding.

The headband and the ear cups are also wrapped in velour padding, but velour padding attracts the dust as well. In this case, you might need to clean it daily. As I early mentioned in this guide, an Open style design headset always shares a wider sound stage, but it can't block background noise.

Despite the fact, the open-back headsets sound natural and pure. So, let us explore what PC37X has offered to us. Firstly, this headset did not offer Surround sound or any software for further sound customization. Sennheiser PC37X featured a stereo sound profile, but the sound quality is up to the mark.

It sounds natural with the balanced bass and details, but the high-end seems sharp. It might be due to the lack of bass. Other than that, It can really help you to pick up directional cues, but you can't just feel the thrust of the explosion physically like the other gaming headsets. Overall, it provides you a good gaming experience, especially in open-world games.

On the flip side, PC37X featured a noise-canceling microphone with a flip-up to mute option. It sounds more natural, detailed without compression, but it lacks bass. So, the phone call and communication on Skype are easy now.

The same style of microphone we got on the Sennheiser Game one headset, and there is no difference between them. With that, the microphone is suitable for those who are busy with all-day calls and in-game communication.

In conclusion, If you need a premium open-back gaming device for a PC with sound quality and durability, then PC 37x could be your favorite pair. Although, the microphone is not up the scratch. But it is the best open-style gaming headset.

Sennheiser PC38X Gaming Headset

Sennheiser Pc38x is an improved version of PC37x in the same style body. It comes with a considerable difference. For example, drivers and color schemes have changed now. This time you cannot just find two detachable cables, but there are two pairs of padding (Mesh knit & Velour) also included in the box.

The microphone is noise-canceling swivel up to mute. Like the PC37x, there is no Surround sound available. However, the quality and comfort have improved now.

Like most gaming headsets, the PC38x shares a sturdy design with overall plastic_ nothing feels creaking or flimsy. This time Sennheiser changed the color scheme and put forward black color with a yellow accent. In the same vein, the headset's cables also swaddle in the same color.

Comfort is the key in every Sennheiser open-style headset. That's the reason they continue the same school of thought and present the headset with velour and mesh knit padding. That makes the headset extremely comfortable because the headband features dual padding, While the ear cups have also wrapped in the same style of padding.

One thing that keeps the Sennheiser headset separate from other devices is the controls. Any time you get the headset, you will find the volume wheel on the right ear cup, and that is it. As I mentioned, the headset is an improved version of PC37x. Is it so?

Well, the improvement is there because, in the Pc38x, we find different drivers than PC37x. This time Pc38x got the same drivers that have been used in the high-end gaming headset GSP 500 and 600. With that, it actually creates a difference in sound quality. As for sound quality concerns, PC38x does a great job.

The sound profile is excellent, it covers the high ends smoothly, and the low end has more power and a nice pick with the bass boost. The first time it happened, that open-style headset comes up with the bass. We find in the open-world games, it picks up the detail very nicely, like in the MAFIA Game the sound of rain, water splash, and tap of the boots come through as clear as it should be.

In case of comparison with Game one, PC38x is matchless because of improved drivers. On the other hand, when it comes to the microphone quality, It is almost identical to the PC37x, noise-canceling is there, accurate sound production with great vocals pick up.

In conclusion, Pc38x is the best gaming headset in the world of open style. Sound quality with the improved drivers and sturdy design is making it the first choice.