Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

Frequency Response 12Hz – 20kHz
Speaker Size 50mm
Microphone Unidirectional gaming microphone
Ear Cushion Over-Ear (Closed), Athletic Fabric, Leather & Cooling Gel-Infused Memory Foam
Audio Connection 3.5mm Cable

Turtle Beach Elite is Pro gaming headset that serves the gaming purpose very well. If you wish to get the headset with a detachable wire and microphone, this Turtle Beach Elite can fill the gap. It is the most comfortable headset that has thick padding, and it can be the first choice for a glasses person because it has a built-in pro-Specs glasses relief system.

You can connect the headset with PC, Xbox One, PS4, XB1, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices. Other than that, it is an exceptionally customizable headset that allows you to replace the speaker plate and ear cushions effortlessly.

When it comes right down to built quality, it offers a metal headband with suspending padding. If comfort is your priority, then this headset will be your first ride because it has enough thick padding to comfort your ears without making them hurt. The ear padding contains gel-infused memory foam that can absorb heat and make your ears cool.

Other than that, blocking external noise is very beneficial. The best things about the ear pads are a magnetic attachment that can allow you to replace the earpads, and you can also change the ear cups outside plates. Furthermore, the ear cups do not possess any controls rather than two ports for cable and microphone.

Now the sound quality: The Turtle Beach Elite offers a 50mm driver to make the sound loud enough, and you can bear the headset volume at 80% without bleeding your ears. In the same vein, the headset has a powerful and clean sound profile. While gaming, the sound of gunshot and grenades seems booming. Other than that, the heavy bass makes the sound more prominent as the enemies running in the surrounding.

Overall, it has an excellent sound profile with prominent bass. On the flip side, the microphone sounds clear, and it is certainly satisfactory for voice chat. Moreover, you can use the headset for podcast participation and recording gameplay. At last, you cannot get much out of this headset, and if you need more power microphones, then you need to head toward a USB dedicated microphone.

Logitech g pro gaming headset

Frequency response 20 Hz-20 KHz
Impedance 35 ohm
Sensitivity 91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm
Ear and head pad Memory Foam Leatherette
PC Cable Length 2 m (6.56 ft)
PC splitter 120 mm (0.39 ft)

Logitech g pro is a proline gaming headset that has a detachable braided cable and noise cancellation microphone. There is no surround sound available in the model, but if you are obsessed with surround Sound, you can get Logitech G Pro X. To enhance the connection capability, Logitech has a braided cable with a 3.5mm jack, splitter cable, and USB DAC.

Comfort-wise, Logitech g pro did a great job and included a thick headband and leather padding. For sound customizing, there is G HUB software available as well but only for PC.

As usual build quality of the headset does not have much to offer, but you have a plastic-built headset with a metal frame. The headband has thick padding with a thread stitching style. On the other hand, the ear cups also have leather padding that makes the headset more comfortable for long gaming sessions.

There are no buttons on the ear cups, while outside the ear cups, a silver accent has an embossed brand logo. In the same vein, the left ear cups have a place for a detachable microphone and cable, which has inline control included a mic-mute button and volume control.

When it comes to sound quality, it has pretty much stereo sound. The 50mm drivers provided a loud sound with great clarity. The sound quality of the headset fall in the category of very good but not amazing. It does a pretty decent job for spatial awareness by picking up footstep and gunfire directional sound, and it is fascinating for a gamer.

Other than that, the detachable noise-cancellation microphone looks pretty good for casual usage. It sounds crystal clear, but you cannot use it for streaming or recording.