Anivia Purple G-H PS4

Anivia presents a combo of black and purple gaming headsets. The ear cups and headband padding has covered in purple color. The rest of the headphones furbish in black color. Anivia Did not do too much in terms of built quality. Like most, Anivia comes up with the plastic-built quality.

To connect the headset with your favorite device Anivia offers a 3.5mm jack. To get the most of it, Anivia Featured a stereo sound profile and noise cancellation microphone.

Just like the other gaming headset, Anivia is purely made of plastic. Likewise, the retractable headband lets you allow the headset according to the head size. Underneath it, there is padding. While both ear cups have also wrapped in leather padding.

The headset body does not take over any control button, but the wire cable has inline control for volume and microphone. The matt black and purple combo gaming headset did not have LED lights. Admittedly, Anivia offers a simple sleek design having a text logo on the microphone.

Anivia played silently, and there isn’t any surround sound present in this gaming headset. We liked it a lot because the stereo is far better than the fake kind of Surround Sound. If you’re a big fan of surround sound, you have to consider a high-end gaming headset. According to the price range, the headset performs well in terms of sound quality.

The sound output is clear but not 100 percent up the mark. On the other side, it has a flip-up to noise cancellation microphone. It performs well in terms of noise cancellation. Either way, the microphone output is good for casual usage. Like you can use it for calls on zoom, skype, and discord.

Victrix Pro AF Purple G-H Xbox One

There is another gaming headset that comes with a black and purple combination. Victrix Pro AF ANC comes with a lot of exciting features including, active noise cancellation and microphone monitoring. The main highlight of this gaming headset is inline control. Giant Inline control looks like a sort of remote control but has some cool features. Victrix Pro AF ANC comes in two variants; Universal and Xbox one.

It is a 3.5mm gaming headset that also included a splitter cable. The microphone cable and ear cushions are detachable. In case you want to change them. Just do it. The headband and ear cups have muffled in the leather padding. Moreover, both ear cups also got LED lights.

In the case of built quality, the premium headset offers plastic built quality. The headset is extendable that has an exposed purple cable over the ear cups that got some attraction. For maximum comfort like the other gaming headset, it also featured leather padding on both ear cups and headbands. In the same vein, both ear cups showcase stylish LED lights.

To control the headset; the headset got a sizeable inline controller having a screen on it like a small cell phone. You can active noise cancellation, LED lights, Mic monitoring, and Audio mods. To get on the inline controller, there are two batteries (AA Alkaline), and these are swappable not chargeable.

The sound quality of Victrix is amazing. To get the competitive edge and determine the gunfire sound, this device is advantageous. Moreover, the highs, mids, and lows are clear, and the bass boost is also present. In contrast, the cobra microphone sounds louder, and Victrix claims this has been built for communicating in a loud environment.

Certainly, their claim is upright, but it produces a thin sound that just feels that lacks in the bass department. Other than that, having all the features active, the price is also active. It is a premium gaming headset, and it will cost you more money.

SOMIC G951S Purple Gaming Headset with cat ears

SOMIC G951S is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, and kids. It comes in purple color with detachable cat-shaped ears. It will approach you with a 3.5mm jack and splitter cable in case you want to connect the headset with any device. Moreover, the built quality of SOMIC G951S offers plastic with a suspended headband.

For sound quality, SOMIC G951S proposed a stereo sound profile with a noise cancellation microphone. In the same vein, the suspended headband and ear cups both have leather padding. So, that you can enjoy gaming sessions for a long time.

As for built quality and design concerns; the built quality of the headset offers plastic, but the headset has flexibility. So, you can drop and stretch the headset without the tension of creaking. To control the headset volume and mic, the wire got an inline controller.

To make sure to use the headset for a long session "SOMIC" introduced leather padding on-ear cups and headbands. To attract the girls and children, the SOMIC offers a detachable cat ear-shaped.

To leverage the audience's needs, the SOMIC headset featured 40mm high fidelity speakers with a stereo sound profile. The sound profile is actually very good, while playing call of duty, it responds very well. Audio is accurate and does not get muddy, but in comparison to the high-level gaming headset, it isn’t worth it.

But having said that, we have to keep our expectations according to the price range. On the other side, the microphone quality is also good and great for the call on skype, discord, and zoom, etc. Other than that, it can gratify your girlfriend, wife, and kids precisely.

Amazon Basics Pro Purple Gaming headset with Mic

Amazon basic is a gaming headset that also comes in a purple and back color combination. If you did not like to purchase with a purple accent, there are two more colors available red and black. The headset is primarily made of plastic having rich padding on the headband and the ear cups.

It comes with a 3.5mm jack having detachable wire with some inline controls. As it has only a single connection 3.5mm jack, there is no splitter cable available in the box.

Like the other gaming headset, the Amazon basic also made of plastic, but is it durable? Let find out. Firstly, the headset did not look sturdy or durable like the premium gaming headsets. The outer frame of the headset looks breakable by dropping it down, it can break easily.

So, you have too little careful with that. Above all, the headband has swaddle in a leather padding entirely while the ear cups also got the same padding of leather.

Having great padding on the ear cups make them bulky, but it is comfortable for long gaming sessions. To control the headset, there are only buttons available (volume and mic-mute) on the wire.

Now the sound quality; As it got the tag of pro, but is it has a sound quality like a pro? The audio quality is decent. It is accurate, but it has little de-emphasis on bass. That means, in the gameplay, the sound of the explosion did not come through as deep as you can expect. But this isn’t the real issue.

As the headset ear cups are bulky and they can cover you completely. Likewise, you can expect sort of blocking outside noise with that. It isolates you from your surrounding but at a minimal level. Outside of Audio quality_ the microphone also lacks in the bass department and mid-range.

For call, the microphone might be decent, but it is just fine for in-game communication.