Firstly, repairing blown out headphones drivers or speakers can be a little tricky but not that much difficult. The process of fixing can vary from model to model. It is also possible that you won’t get the same audio as you were enjoying before blowing out. For that matter, there are two considerable things. 

  1. If you are using cheap headphones, it's better to get a new pair because repairing them out won’t help you in the longer run.
  2.  If you have premium headphones on the bunch, you can fix or repair them, and it will likely work for you.

Before coming over to the final decision, it is worthwhile to mention the reason for getting headphone drivers blown out.

Core reasons to get blown headphone drivers

  • Your headphones will blow out drivers if you keep on listening to music at high volume for a longer time, although it's a very rare case. But if you are using a cheap pair of headphones. You really need to take care of your listening volume level. 

\ Note: It has been reported that listening to music with headphones between 60 to 80 decibels is fine for your ears.

  • Physical damage is another major cause of breaking headphone drivers if you’re dropping out your headphones on a hard surface. Definitely, it will suffer.
  • If you try to enhance the performance of headphones by using AMP. Chances are your headphones' driver will screw up because you are not supposed to put extra pressure over headphones which it is not going to handle. So, make sure you really need an AMP or you are just hooked up by someone’s audio setup.
  • Hair and dust particles are another reason for blasting headphone drivers. Over time little hair and dust particles stuck in the headphone's drivers. In this way, your headphones gradually start decreasing the performance, and in the end, the results will turn down to speaker damage. To avoid this, make sure to adopt the cleaning habit to clean up your headphones regularly. 

Different Ways to identify blown out drivers?

To figure out if your headphones are blasting or not. You have to follow some easy steps.

  • Quieter or distorted sound on one or both side
  • Buzzing, fuzzing and headphones start rattling
  • Try different devices
  • Play the better audio
  • Use multimeter to test the headphone speaker

It is actually the worst-case scenario because you just hear constant volume coming out of headphones. It doesn't matter if you are turning your headphone volume all the way up or down. It is merely constant or produces minimum sound. Moreover, if the audio is coming out from one channel. Surely, your headphones drivers are blown out. It usually happens when you aren’t cleaning your headphones regularly. Dust particles, hairs, and moisture are a great case of quieter or distorted sound.

If you are constantly dropping your headphones, Most likely, the headphones will lose their parts. After that, when you play the heavy bass sound at maximum volume. You will experience rattling. In the same vein, if your headphones produce a buzzing sound. It is due to hair or dust particles. These particles can interrupt flowing electricity, and headphone speakers will blow out. 

If you are not sure how to check if your headphones drivers are working or not, all you need is to plug the headphones into different devices. In this way, you will find out the problem.

It is exceptional but playing another audio for testing purposes is worthwhile. Sometimes it happens that you have a problem with audio files. You can also try some music that is specially made for headphones testing purposes. This type of music is excellent for testing all the frequencies.

Usually, a multimeter is not available at home, but if you have it. It's more than excellent. Take a multimeter and connect it with the terminal of the speaker and check out the impedance level. If you have impedance 1, your headphone speaker is good. But if you have infinite. Just change them.

Now that you are fully aware of your headphones problem. It's time to either send it back to the manufacturers if you have a warranty or try DIY repair to fix your headphones. 

How to fix a blown headphone speaker

broken headphone


To fix the blown headphone speakers, you need to buy a pair of new speakers and then head towards DIY repairs. 

Note: Replacement of drivers or fixing them varies from model to model. So, before taking action, make sure to check the model of your headphones. Moreover, you also have to check if your headphones have replaceable ear cushions or not. It will make your process of fixing easy. 

  1. Unplug your headphones.
  2. Take a knife or screwdriver.
  3. Remove the ear cushions from the speaker with a knife or hands.
  4. Take off the plate from ear cups by taking off the screws with screwdrivers.
  5. Now the ear cups are open.
  6. Use the knife and take out the speaker by disconnecting it with the attachment.
  7. Unbox your new drivers. 
  8. Place them perfectly into both ear cups.
  9. Connect them with the attachment wire or strip.
  10. Take the cover plate and place it on the ear cups.
  11. Attach the ear cushions, and you are done with them.

Make sure to watch the video to understand the process. The components of headphones remain the same, but the process of assembling or parting them is different. So make sure to check the video and understand the process.