Why the buzzing noise in your headphones?

Before jumping into the solution, you should know what is the problem with your headphones that leads them to a buzzing sound. When you find the problem at first, you will be able to find the solution easily. So, there are some possible reasons that could be the cause of the humming sound.

  • Hardware issue
  • Defected headphone wire
  • Headphone speaker damage
  • Incorrect setting of audio
  • Electronic interference
  • Driver corruption
  • Upgrade your headphones

Easy way to fix buzzing noise in headphones

When you catch the problem at its first sight, it will be easy to solve. Here are some of our favorite solutions that might work for you.

# 1 Hardware issue

As you know, hardware issues are most common in headphones. So, before trying a solution, you have to check if any hardware issues are causing the buzzing sound. 

Defected headphone cable

Firstly, check if your headphone cable is faulty or not. In order to check that, you have to plug in the cable in another port to see if the buzzing noise vanished or not. If the buzzing sound is still there, try another solution or change the cable. 

Headphone speaker damage

Headphone speakers are also an issue that leads your headphones to static noise. To check the speaker make sure to connect the headphone with another device. If it is working, chances are you have a problem with your device not being in your headphones. But if your headphones still have a buzzing noise, you might need to replace your headphones.

Incorrect setting of audio

Before checking the audio setting, make sure to test the volume by pressing the plus and minus buttons. After that, you have to configure audio settings. For that matter, right-click on the sound icon in windows 10 and click on sound, and then playback. In the playback tab right-clicks on your connected device and open the properties. Click on the Enhancement tab and uncheck the box next to Disable all sound effects. Click on Apply and OK, and there you go. Test your headphone again if it sounds properly. 

Electronic interference

It is pretty standard in wireless headphones because when you connect the wireless headphones. You can find the signal interference causes buzzing noise issues. Check if the frequency of cellphones, microwave oven, and Bluetooth interfered. To eradicate the problem you have to make sure all other devices are turned off. Above all, You can also change your place from one room to another.

Driver corruption

It could be another reason for the buzzing noise in headsets. Sometimes your pc can miss or have outdated drivers. So, to erase the problem you have to certify if your computer or laptop has the latest version of drivers. 

If it does not have the latest version. You have to update it either manually or automatically. In order to do it manually, you have to visit the manufacturer's website. There you can find drivers for your headphones.  

The best way to update and download the drivers is by using a driver downloader. There are many driver downloaders available in the market. For example Driver easy, driver booster. All you have to do is simply download the software from their website and install it. After that, run the software and it will automatically find the missing and outdated drivers.

Note: These software's also have paid versions. If the free one solves your problem you are a lucky charm. If not you might need to purchase it.

How to get rid of static noise in headphones Android

buzzing noise on android

When it comes to android devices there won’t be any possible solution that you can try to sort out the static noise issue. However, there are a few things that you can try to solve the problems. Firstly, you have to make sure that your android device does not have hardware problems. For example, your mobile device has dropped in the water or any solid place. 

If that is not the case, you can try these methods.

  • Update your android software
  • Switch WI-FI to mobile data
  • Factory reset

In order to update the software go to your android device setting and click on the phone option. Click on system update and the new version of the software will be installed on your phone. Restart the phone.

If your WI-FI is overloaded with the user and you are also connected to that one. Make sure to switch to mobile data to eliminate the issue.

Factory reset is the last option when things go wrong and you are not lucky enough. Before doing factory reset make sure that Factory reset will wipe out all your mobile data. To do so, click on setting and backup and reset then Erase all data. 

Note: Before factory data reset make sure to make a backup of your data otherwise all of your data will be lost.

Upgrade your headphone   

If you are using one headphone for so long and you update your device on which you are using headphones. There might be compatibility issues. Buzzing noise and low volume is very common among headphones if you have been using them for years now. So, do yourself a favor and make sure to upgrade your headphones by getting a new pair.