Why do headphones cause hurting problems?

Over the decade, headphones and earbuds provided great ways to personalize your listening. Due to personalization, these kinds of accessories got popular rapidly, especially in the youth. But as you get streaming right into your ears. It causes many problems. So, let's see the reasons why headphones harm your ears. 

  • A poor fit
  • Headphones clamping force 
  • Headphone padding
  • Streaming at higher volume
  • Earbuds implanted in the ears
  • Wrong headphone choice for glasses person

Problem #1 A poor fit

It is normal that headphones cannot fit snugly around your ears. The reason is you do not know what kind of headphones are right for you. That is why you picked the wrong headphone, and now it is causing problems for you. 

When headphones cannot fit snugly and feel too tight or loose, they can place extra pressure on your outer area of ears or pinna and squash the sensitive part of the ears. On the other hand, if the headphones are too loose, it is also a problem because you try to adjust your headphones several times. It could also lead to ear sore. 

Solution : If you have loose headphones then you have to combine both ear cups. And wrap a wire or rope around the headphone and leave it for hours. Repeat the process until you feel the headphone size is good for you.

On the other hand, if your headphones are tight, you combine the stack of books according to your headphone and place the headphone around the books. Give this process some time and check if the job is done. 

Note: if both these solutions are not working for you. You have to purchase a new headphone. Follow the article for a guide to choosing new headphones to avoid issues.    

Problem #2 Headphones clamping force

Headphone clamping force is another issue that causes ear discomfort. It is most significant because it makes headphones tight or loose. It can be chafing your skin that causes ear bleeding and itchiness. Moreover, it can be more problematic because when you wear headphones that feel too tight. Your ears actually make contact with the driver's wall, and it is a hard part of headphones inside the ear padding. It could be a real problem for you, but the question is how can you prevent it?

Solution: To solve the problem of clamping force, you need to determine your head size. According to your head size, you need to buy a pair of headphones. However, if you already have a headphone you need to follow the method of books described above.

Problem #3 Headphone padding and headband

lady wearing headphone around the neck

Headphone padding and the headband are prominent features to provide comfort to users. But it can be a great affliction if you get the wrong one. Some cheap headphone models use chemicals to ear padding that induce allergy and dermatitis.

Solution: To avoid these problems, changing padding or getting new headphones are the solutions. Before getting a new unit, make sure your headphone padding is replaceable. Then make sure to get the new padding relevant to your headphone model. For that matter, Velour padding and fabric mesh are considered the most comfortable padding for headphones. Above all, if you want to get leather padding, make sure it is comfortable and soft. 

Problem #4 Streaming at higher volume

Everyone desires to listen to music at a higher volume. But you have to know the danger of listening to music at a high volume. Excessive use of headphones above 85 decibels volume can torment your ears, and you may have to face permanent hearing loss. Moreover, it can also lead you to Ring, buzzing, and humming called head noise. 

Solution: The straightforward solution to this problem is listening to music at a lower volume. Experts endorse volume levels between 60 dB to 85 dB, and it is good for you. 

Most importantly, if you do not restrict yourself at a low volume. You have to get used to yourself with a 15 minutes break if you listen to music at a higher volume.

Problem #5 Earbuds implanted in the ears

As you know, Earbuds are tiny in size, and they can fit in your ear in such a way that they make you feel like they are part of your ears. It not only can direct you to ear pain and noise problems. It can also make you surfer into Allergy and ear infections like earwax and hearing loss.

Solution: If you are a die-hard fan of Earbuds, just make sure to take a break after some time because when you wear them. They cannot allow air to pass into the ears. That is why you can face earwax and hearing loss.

Problem #6 Earbuds implanted in the ears

If you wear glasses, you might suffer more than an ordinary man while using headphones. You might have noticed glass temple marks on the side posture of your face due to the pressure of headphones. You also feel like someone keeps pressing your head and making you uncomfortable.

Solution: If you already have headphones, you have to apply the method listed above to lose the clamping force of your headphone. Secondly, make sure to change your headphone’s padding into velour padding or mesh fabrics. Velour padding is ideal for spectacles. 

Note: To solve all the problems and learn how to wear headphones with glasses, follow the ultimate guide.

Why are my ears getting hot?

If your ears are getting hot and you do not know why it is happening? To avoid getting your ears getting hot, you have to learn there are two types of headphones. 

  1. On-Ears Headphones or Open back headphones
  2. Over-Ears Headphones or Closed-back headphones

On-Ears headphones are the ones that stay on your ears and let the air pass through the ear cups. It makes your ear padding breathable, and you do not feel any heat in your ears.

Contrarily, Over-ear headphones are the ones that tend to seal your ears entirely and do not let the air pass through ear cups. When you wear over-ear headphones, it makes your ears warm up because the heat traps into the ear cups, and there is no way of passing air. In this way, you feel your ears getting hot and sweaty. 

Note: Please follow the guide on how to choose between open-back and closed-back headphones.

How to choose comfortable headphones?

guy wearing headphone

There are some easy steps that you can take before purchasing a new pair of headphones for any scenario.

  1. Make sure to get the idea of your head size. For example, your head size is big or small, choose headphones accordingly. 
  2. Make sure to choose lightweight headphones.
  3. Make sure to get the headphone with the right clamping force so that your headphones won’t make you feel too tight or too loose.
  4. Make sure to get the soft padding. For example, Velour padding and mesh fabrics are the ideal ones. But if you want to choose the leather cushioning, make sure it is comfortable too. Velour padding is also an idea to make glasses-friendly headphones.
  5. Make sure your headphone’s ear cups have a little bit of movement.
  6. Make sure your headphone is customizable so that later on if you want to change ear cushions or headband. You can change it easily.