How to fix a loose headphone jack

Why headphone jack is getting loose

Before heading towards fixing problems, it is essential to know the root cause of the problem, so that you know how to fix it right away. 

It also gives you the insight to know more about it and to finalize whether you can fix it or you have to opt for a professional repairing center. So, there are certain reasons to lose the headphone jack.

One of them is instant ins and outs of the jack. It is the biggest cause of losing the headphone jack. Moreover, dust particles, dirt, and clothing are also an issue for losing the headphone jack.

When it comes to repairing the losing headphone jack, there are different ways to fix it.

Pro tip: While repairing, you might experience that you need to open some smartphone devices or computers. In this case, you need to be cautious because you do not want to damage your device unknowingly.

We recommend using methods that are easy to use and do not require opening a device. If any device demands opening, it's better to consult with a professional repairing center.

There are some easy and quick ways to diagnose loose jack.

  1. Test the headphone with other devices

    Different mobile devices

It is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is test the headphone with other devices. Insert the headphone plug into various jacks. If the plug is not getting fit into the jacks, chances are your headphone jack does not have any problem. Your headphone is not working and you have to think about changing it instantly or lately.

  1. Check the size and damages

If you are a headphone user, you might have noticed the size difference in headphone plugs. It could be due to overuse and accidentally pulling out the plug. Moreover, you also have to check if your device has some damages due to misuse.

  1. Check for dust and corrosion

Dust and corrosion is a pretty common issue with jack and plugs. In this case, you need to ensure that there is not any dust article or lint collection present inside the plugs. If it is so, You might have noticed your jack is not getting fit into the plug. In order to check it, turn on the mobile flashlight and be sure the plug is free. Moreover, corrosion is also a huge cause of headphone plug or device jack damage. Due to moisture, your headphone jack can be rusted. If this is the cause, you have to give it a good clean. If cleaning does not resolve the issue, then purchasing a new pair is a good solution.

  1. Check the headphone case

    mobile case

If your headphone jack does not insert fully into the device, there might be a chance of a headphone case because some phone cases look too thick. And prevent headphone plugs from fully fitting into the devices. In this situation, You have to remove the case, before connecting the headphone.

  1. Check if headphone plug is bend

If your headphone plug is twisted or slightly turned. Do not use it because it can damage your device and jack. To resolve this issue it is better to visit the repair center. If you want to do it yourself, you might end up destroying your headphone. And you do want to do that. 

How to fix a loose headphone jack

Now you have held the root cause of the problem, and you know that either your cell phone, PC, or headphone jack has a problem.

There are three things you can do in order to fix the loose headphone jack.

  1. Clean the headphone jack
  2. Adjust the headphone plug
  3. Repair the headphone jack

Clean the headphone jack

If you find debris or dust in the jack, chances are you do not need to visit the repair center because you clean it at home.

In order to clean it, all you need is a paperclip and tape. Firstly, straighten up the paper clip and wrap it with double-sided tape. Secondly, Inject the paper into the jack and twist it slowly. If you do so, the debris will stick to the tape, and your device jack will be clean.

Moreover, you can do the same process with Q-tip or chopsticks by using alcohol. In any case, these methods did not work. There are other alternatives also present. For example, a toothpick and 1/16 drill are pretty handy to clean out the device jack. In the end, if you don’t have anything like that, you can use a hairdryer. Just turn on the hair dryer and blow air in the jack. It will thrust the debris aside, and you can easily get it out.  Additionally, you can also use a Tweezer to pull out the debris.

Removed the corrosion 

To clean corrosion, you need to have an interdental toothbrush and isopropanol. It is available at every grocery store. Firstly, dip the interdental toothbrush in the isopropanol and pull it out. Now wait for some second and start cleaning the jack. Twist the brush inside the jack, and you will find that corrosion has been removed. You have to repeat the process until corrosion has been removed and the jack starts working.

Pro tip: Turn off your device before initiating the cleaning process. Otherwise, your device can be damaged.

Fix headphone jack with aluminum foil

Slash a piece of aluminum foil and enfold it around the base of the jack. Make sure to adjust the aluminum foil until it's fitted in perfectly. However, this is so far not a permanent solution. It is upright for a shorter time.

Repair the headphone jack

If all the DIY techniques do not work for you. Chances are you need to open your device and repair it. Before taking risks, one thing you have to keep in mind. If your device has a warranty and you want to open it. You will void your warranty. This action can end up damaging your device, and it's irretrievable.

So, If you want to take the risk of repairing yourself, you can wind up the device with a short circuit or any great damage. So, It is better to take benefit of a warranty and repair a device by professionals. 

In the end, if you want to do the repair work, first you have to learn the repairing tactics. After this, you can repair the devices professionally.

Pro tip : If you want to get rid of the headphone jack or plug permanently. You can buy a wireless headphone because the wireless headphones do not have a plug that you need to insert into the jack. Wireless headphones come with a USB dongle, which you need to place into the computer or laptop. I know it won’t work with cell phones, but you can buy one which can give you the best of both worlds wireless plus Bluetooth.