how to sleep with headphones

Why you wear headphones while sleeping?

Is it possible to sleep while wearing headphones? Yes, it is possible. In fact, it will help to fall asleep quickly. The reason is, it will be blocking outside noise, and the music will help you lighten your mood, decrease anxiety and pain. Moreover, music is also beneficial in the following ways.

Music as catharsis

Music is a decent way of catharsis because it has a direct connection with our minds. You might have noticed. While listening to music, our mood also varies according to the lyrics. Moreover, research shows that music has a great effect on our lives. For example, it will keep your mind engage, and it is a kind of brain workout. Music will help you to ease your mood, blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. In short, it is a great way to improve sleep quality. 

Blocking noise with music

Most probably, you are tired and feel irritated. You want to sleep, but surrounding noise and your family members are disturbing you. In this case, wearing headphones and listen to music will help you to cut off. It is a great way to achieve good sleeping time.

How to sleep with headphones?

There are few ways to adopt that will help you to sleep with headphones. First, you have to get pillows that will help you to sleep with headphones. Second, you have to get headphones that won’t disturb you while sleeping.

pillows for sleeping with headphones

Did you know that every pillow is not comfortable to sleep with headphones? For that matter, getting a comfortable pillow is very significant. You can’t ignore this because getting a straight-up to 8 hours of sleep with headphones can cause you real damage.

On the other hand, a regular pillow is not a prime choice to sleep with headphones. Because with a conventional pillow, you cannot sleep within the side posture. If you do so, the inner wall of the ear cups can do contact your ears, and you will end up with discomfort. In the same vein, your headphone can also damage.

Verily, you can say good-bye to regular pillows because there are some special pillows available that can assist you to enjoy a restful sleep.

  1. Travel pillow or Neck pillow
  2. Pillow with the hole

U shaped travel pillow

A travel pillow is a great thing to use while sleeping with headphones. You will be amazed to know that the travel pillow has originally designed to sleep in a bed, not in travel. It is a great way to support your neck and spine while sleeping. But you cannot use it while on your stomach. However, you can use it for side posture and back.

As it is a U-shaped pillow, and it is best to use while wearing headphones because the ear cups do not make contact with the pillow. In this way, all the pressure will relieve, and you end up with comfortable sleep.

Pillow with the hole

pillow with a hole

Pillow with the hole is a great way to release pressure while sleeping on the side posture. Basically, it has designed for ears. For instance, if you end with ear surgery and you are suffering from ear pain. Pillow with a hole is a great way to relieve your ear pain.

It is also great for sleeping with headphones. While wearing headphones, make sure to pass the wire through the hole just to avoid strangulation. In this way, you can enjoy quality sleep.

If pillows are not making you comfortable, then you get headphones to get a pleasant sleep. As time progress, the demand for sleeping headphones is increasing. Sleeping headphones are different from standard headphones. 

These are considered low profile, and they are not snug fit like the regular headphone. It is the reason; you can sleep with these headphones. And you will not feel pressure against your skin. 

There are few categories of sleeping headphones.

Headband Headphone

From the name, you can get the idea they look like the sports headband. You can wrap around your head, and you are good to go. Primarily, these headband headphones have slim speakers inside the headband. That is why, when you sleep with these headphones in any posture, you cannot feel any pressure. You know what the best thing about these headphones. You can wash the headband, but you have to remove the speakers first.

Low profile headphone

Low-profile headphones look like earbuds and are usually designed to fit into the ears. That is why, when you wear these headphones, you barely feel anything in the air. These headphones are excellent to use for sleeping purposes.

True wireless headphones

The true wireless headphone is a great solution if you are looking for sleeping headphones. These headphones are considered best because they fit in your ears in a pretty decent way. The only downside of these headphones is a battery issue.

As you know, these headphones are so small, and they have a battery inside them. The small headphones with tiny batteries can only last 2 to 3 hours maximum. If you want to get more battery time, you have to get a premium one. But the bad news is premium also can last 5to hours maximum.

Some of the models of truly wireless headphones provide active noise canceling. So, these are good if you want to block outside noise and get a comfortable sleep.

Can you use regular headphones for sleeping purposes?

woman sleeping with headphone

Although, it is hard to sleep with regular headphones. But if you don’t want to buy a new one or you did not have a budget. You can use regular headphones for sleeping as well. It is only applicable for those who willing to sleep on their back.

In this way, your ears cannot feel pressure, and you are not feeling discomfit. Another way to use regular headphones is to use a pillow.

Despite these solutions for sleeping with headphones, there are some pros and cons you have to look at.

Pros of sleeping with headphones

Cut out external noise

It could be a real pain for you if you lived in a place where you constantly receive noise all night. Moreover, you can also disturb by your family members. It has nothing to do with you, but your sleep will go away.

\ For that matter, the only solution that could ease you is headphones. While wearing headphones and listening to music will block outside noise. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your sleep time. So, a headphone is very beneficial to cut out external noise.

Music provides relaxation

Everyone accepts that people listen to music to calm themselves. You might have seen different genres of music on YouTube e.g relaxation music, workout music, and sleeping music. People listen to them according to their mood because it will help them either charge their mood or keep calm. So, that is why research has shown that music has a great effect on our lives because it resonates with our emotions.

In order to get benefits at sleeping time, you can listen to your favorite music. It will help you to sleep a better and long time. Michael Breus a psychologist, suggests that a piece of music that has a rhythm of 60 beats per minute will help you sleep faster.

Cons of sleeping with headphones

As there are advantages to sleep with headphones, there are also disadvantage that you have to keep in mind just to avoid anything unfavorable.

Hearing loss

It is very obvious, and everyone knows that loud music can cause you hearing loss problems. Consistently, wearing a headphone for 8 hours with music on is too much. It can damage your ears in the future.

You also know that headphone maximum volume is too loud, and listening to above 80d is not normal. In this case, Health Administration suggests that listen to music below 85d is pretty safe. For instance, the maximum volume you can go with 60%. Above 60 for 6 to hours can cause you hearing loss.


Listen to loud music for a long can cause Necrosis. Necrosis is a concept of tissue death. By any means, this is not a proven case that listens to music can make your tissues dead. But still, there is a chance at maximum volume, and you can’t ignore this because it will affect your ears badly. You may have ended with partial hearing loss.

Headphone wire

Headphone wire can cause you great damage if you are careful with it. When it comes to sleeping with headphones, it is not recommended to sleep with wire headphones. Because accidentally, it can wrap around your neck or wrist. In this way, you can face a real problem with it.

To avoid this mishap, it better to use wireless headphones than wired ones.

Earwax buildup

Now a day, earwax is common. When you feel that your ears produce waxy oil, you have to understand it is called earwax. It happened when you wear headphones consistently for a long time. Because ear cups sealed your ear completely, and there is no way to surpass the natural air. So, in this way, you can experience Earwax buildup. 

Moreover, there are some signs of earwax buildup. For example, partial hearing loss, the sound of buzzing or ringing, feeling fullness in the ear are the signs of earwax.