Why do you want to connect two headphones at once?

The reason for connecting two headphones at once can be simple. Maybe you and your friend want to enjoy games, music, and movies at once without interrupting anyone. Moreover, it is also possible that you want to share a significant video with your friend. And you do not wish to disclose it.

Above all, it could be that you and your girlfriend want to watch romantic movies at the same time. In that case, you want to connect headphones with your device.

Finally, it is possible to personalize your stuff and not share it with extra people. This possibility can vary from device to device. 

How to use two headphones at once Windows 10 Pc?

This is pretty easy for Windows 10 users because the feature is available in Windows. But before connecting the headphones, there are some approaches you need to follow to make the audio experience delightful. For example, to connect the headphone with a PC you can use the following things.

  1. USB splitter 
  2. Bluetooth technology
  3. Without USB splitter

How to connect two headphones using a USB splitter?

It is fairly easy and requires no settings. You just need to have a USB splitter to make the connectivity possible for two headphones. 

  1. Purchase a high-quality USB Splitter 
  2. Before purchasing, you have to ensure the USB Splitter has two separate jacks for headphones.
  3. Now insert the headphones plugs into the jacks and connect them with the PC.
  4. Play the sound if it's good, enjoy with your friends or partners. 

How to connect two headphones with Bluetooth technology

If you have Bluetooth headphones and you want to connect them. You need to purchase an additional Bluetooth adapter. If you already have it, Bingo. Just follow these steps.

  1. Insert the Bluetooth adapter into the pc and install it.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth functionality on both headphones and PC.

If it has paired without interruption then you are good to go. But in case you face difficulty while making a connection. You have to slow down the pairing process. To do so, you have to access the setting.

  • Click on the start and to settings.
  • Choose Bluetooth and click on more Bluetooth options
  • In the final step, click on the “Allow Bluetooth devices” and try to connect again.

Once the process has finished the PC will begin pairing the headphones and that is pretty much of it.

How to use two headsets on PC without splitter

Just in case if you do not have a USB splitter and Bluetooth adapter. You do not need to worry because you can connect the headphones without them.

  1. Connect your headphones with your computer. Click on the star button and follow the sound option.
  2. Choose manage devices and change the setting to Headphones. Certainly, your headphones appear as default output.
  3. After that, make sure to connect a second headphone with your computer, and you will get audio in both of them. 

 By following this method, you can enable more than one device on your pc. If you want to reverse your setting just follow the same steps. It is quite easy.

Above all, Windows 10 also enables users to use two headphones for a specific application without any additional card. For example, you can use two headphones for WhatsApp, skype, and zoom, etc. 

To access this feature, you have to follow some basic steps.

  1. Click on the speaker icon available in the taskbar
  2. Right-click on it and open the sound settings.
  3. Thereafter click on the AAP volume and device preference under the advance sound options
  4. Now you can find the different apps.
  5. Click on the specific one to change the settings

This is how you can follow some basic steps in order to access window 10 amazing features. All these options are fairly straightforward to understand.

How to connect two Bluetooth headphones at once Android

These days there is not a single Android phone which does not have a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connection will certainly help you to connect two headphones at a time with your android phone.

But the Android phone allows one connection at the spot. So, how we will connect two headphones with Android.

In this case, you need to buy an additional USB-Type C Bluetooth Audio adapter and follow these steps. 

  1. Make sure the Adapter you buy will handle two devices consecutively.
  2. Plug the adapter in the USB C-Port of your android device.
  3. Turn the 1st headphone and adapter into the pairing mode and make sure the headphone has connected.
  4. Now test the headphone, if it's working, and give proper sound output.
  5. If not, you have to set the adapter as a default output audio device by clicking on the menu button. 
  6. Now by rechecking the headphone, Make sure they will work and give the proper audio output.
  7. After that, repeat the process and turn your adapter and headphone into pairing mode.
  8. Once the second headphone is connected, surely it will work fine. Bingo, there you go. All set for enjoyment.

Note: In this process, the headphones microphone will not be able to work. So, do not worry about it. 

How to connect two headphones to laptop via Bluetooth

In order to connect your headphones with your laptop through Bluetooth, You need to buy a Bluetooth adapter. Bluetooth adapter is a device that lets you connect more than seven devices at a moment.

Like the pc and android, you have to embed the card into the laptop and follow these steps

  1. Make sure the card is working and matching your laptop specs.
  2. Activate the pairing mode of headphones and adapter.
  3. Access the setting then Bluetooth, more Bluetooth options, and make sure to allow Bluetooth devices.
  4. Now test both headphones by playing any audio or video. 
  5. It's working, you are good to go.