How to wear headphone with glasses

What will you learn after reading this article?

You will learn the following things.

  1. The main discomfort caused by headphones
  2. Techniques to make existing headphone comfortable for glasses person
  3. Things to consider before buying a new gaming headset for glasses

The main discomfort faced by glasses wearers

man feel pain

There are some discomforts you can face while wearing headphones and glasses.

  • Headache
  • Sore Ear Cartilage/Auricular Chondritis
  • Overall Discomfort and Pain
  1. Headache

Headache is pretty common among the users of headphones. Mostly, you feel a headache when you wear headphones that have a very tight clamping force. These types of headphones push your ears towards the inner side, and you feel a severe headache. It is called a compression headache. 

"Compression headache is a headache that begins when you feel pressure due to the tightness of something against your scalp and forehead" 

So, as a spectacles person, if you feel pressure while wearing headphones. We recommend not using that pair of headphones. 

  1. Auricular chondritis

If you wear headphones with glasses and it is very compact to your ear. You may feel severe pain and experience Auricular chondritis.

Auricular chondritis is a sign in which you will see the symptoms in your ears, for example, Redness, tenderness or Swellness. 

When you wear tight headphones with glasses, it will bend or squeeze your (pinna) outer part of the ear. In this way, you will feel the pressure and experience Auricular chondritis. It can badly affect your ear or end up with a deformity. Despite this, you can also feel the earlobe sore due to pressure against your earlobe.

  1.  Inclusive pain and discomfort

Generally, It is not necessary that the headphones will cause you headaches and Auricular chondritis. No doubt these are severe conditions but in a lighter mode. You can also feel the ear fatigue or glasses legs can imprint on your skin. Here are the reasons why wearing glasses with headphones can cause you pain.

  • Design of the Glasses 
  • Types of headphones -Mainly, there are two types of headphones: Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones.
  • Ear padding and Headband material
  • Clamping force of the headphones
  • Headphone weight

These are the reasons that can lead you to real trouble. Actually, humans are unique, and they differ from each other in each term. That is why headphones cannot fit snugly in every head. Some people have larger head sizes, while some have smaller ones. In the same vein, Ears are also unique and different. So, a single headset cannot be fitted on every head. You can choose, according to your requirements.

8 Convenient way to Wear Headphones and Glasses

8 tips to wear headphone with glasses

There are some unique tips to follow to stay comfortable while wearing headphones with glasses.

  1. Choose a frame with thinner Glasses

To reduce the discomfort, the first thing you can do is change your glasses frame. Just keep in mind, the thinner the glasses, the more comfortable you will enjoy. 

If you wear glasses with a thick frame, you might experience discomfort due to the pressure of the headphones. To get rid of pain, we recommend using a thinner frame. The benefit of a thinner frame is it is not going to ache your ears as much as the thick frame can, Because a thinner frame does not make you feel much pressure against your skin. It can easily adjust with your skin.

As a headphone user, you can try it because it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  1.  Loose the clamping force

The core reason for all discomfort is headphones clamping force if you want to reduce the clamping pressure of the headphones. You can follow these steps to bring it down. Firstly, stretch the headphone out to its maximum limit and do it regularly until you feel the change. 

Secondly, you can do it with books. For example, arrange some books side by side to keep in mind the size of your head. Stretch out headphones and place them on the book. You can do it for a few days, and you can feel the clamping force start relieving. 

Pro tip: Do not overstretch the headphone, because it can fall to pieces. 

  1. Reposition your headphone or take a break

Another way to say goodbye to pain is changing the position or taking a break. You are right, but it is awkward to say reposition your headphones. Well, you have two ears, and there are not any more places to reposition the headphone. The best solution is to take a break. For instance, you can break your full time into sessions. Adjust the time to an hour and take a five minutes break. It is easy to approach and looks convenient. You can adjust your time according to your way.

  1.  Choose over-ear headphones

As I mentioned, there are mainly two types of headphones: Over Ears and On Ears. If you wear glasses, you have to choose over-ear headphones. The reason is pretty simple. Over-ear headphones have big ear cups, and they seal your ear completely. That way, the pressure is relieved and equally distributed. That is why they look more comfortable and make you feel good.

On the other hand,  when it comes to on-ear headphones. They stay on your ears, and all the pressure is just spot on your ears. With such headphones, we do not recommend ear headphones. It is not the only factor that matters because there are others too. 

  1. Choose the right padding

    headphone black padding

Headphone padding is the most significant factor that one should take into consideration. That is the only thing that provides comfort and music quality. If headphones padding leaves the gap around your ear, it will destroy your sound quality. In this case, you just have to use the padding that will provide you the best of both worlds.

There are four types of padding available in the headphones world right now.

  1. Leather
  2. Velour 
  3. Mesh fabrics
  4. Pleather

Whether you choose headphones or a headset, you will get one of these paddings. For glasses people, we recommended Velour and Mesh fabrics padding. Velour padding is considered extremely soft and comfortable. It's the best inclusion to make headphone glasses friendly. On the other hand, Mesh fabrics are also appreciated for their comfort. So, it would be a nice idea to get one between two of these if you want comfort. 

  1. Choose the right headphone

    black headphone

The headset market is overwhelming, and you do not know how to choose the right thing. For that matter, certain things will help you to choose the right headphones. For instance, before purchasing a headphone, make sure to get an idea of your head size. It will help you to decide whether you need headphones for a small head or a larger head.

After that, to keep the head size in mind, choose the headphones with the right clamping force. For example, if your head size is large, you need a headphone with loose clamping force. In this way, you need to keep tracking the headphone with the right clamping force that can fit snugly around your head.

In the next step, you have to make sure the padding is good. As I discussed earlier. Next up, you can determine the headphone weight. If it's lightweight, it's good for you. 

In the final step, you have to ensure that headphones ear cups can pivot. If it can rotate 90 degrees, it's more than good. The ear cup movements will help you to place the headphone around your neck, and to adjust the headphones perfectly around your ears. In this way, it is not going to hurt your ears.


  1. Wired or wireless headphone

When it comes to choosing between wired and wireless headphones, You do not have to rely on predetermined ideas like wire will tangle up with your glasses and mess up everything, or wireless is the only choice to chase down.

You are independent to make your choice. So, either you are choosing wired headphones or wireless. Make sure to get the headphone with the following features.

  • Choose the headphone according to your head size.
  • Get the headphone with the appropriate clamping force
  • Make sure to get Velour and Mesh fabrics padding.
  • Make sure the ear cups have a little bit of movement. 
  1. Additional things you can do

In spite of these ideas, there are some extra things you can do. 

  • Make a gap by cutting the ear cushions
  • Try Virtual reality Frames
  • Pince Nez Style

These are the additional things you can try but do not destroy your headphone. It is expensive. 

Firstly, You can make a gap in place of glasses temples by cutting ear cushions. You can only do this if your headphone's ear cushions are replaceable. Because if you split it in the wrong way, the quality of the sound will mess up, and it's irreversible.

Secondly, Virtual reality frames are a great solution to get rid of all the pain. These frames are lightweight and easy to use. While wearing VR frames with headphones, you cannot feel any additional pressure against your skin. 

The last thing you can do is Pince Nez glasses. It is also a great alternative if you want to use it. Because Nez glasses do not have temples and they can rest on your nose perfectly. So, these are some secondary things you can try to make your headphone glasses friendly and comfortable.