Why is one ear louder than the other: Top reason

##The problem of imbalanced volume levels:

There are several reasons for this issue. The most common is that the speaker inside the headphones, where the sound comes from, has just broken internally and no longer produces sound. Some users have also reported unplugging the headphone jack and re-entering it to fix this issue temporarily which implies that it could be a hardware or software glitch rather than a simply broken module. However, there are other possible causes as well so let's look at these first before diagnosing your specific case.

##Causes of unbalanced earbuds:

It's usually one side of the headphones but sometimes both sides aren't working equally. Here are some potential causes for this: - You damaged the headphone jack by constantly plugging and unplugging it. Don't do this! You will wear out the connection between your phone or player and the headphones. - You have dirt, dust or lint in the headphone jacks that are interfering with sound transmission. A pencil eraser can sometimes fix this temporarily but eventually you will have to open up your device and clean inside of the jacks themselves. - The headphone speakers are broken. If this is your problem, see below for how to fix it. - One side might be muted on a software level which you can solve using 3rd party apps.

##Solution: Fixing broken earbuds

If one headphone speaker has stopped working, there are several solutions to try before you replace the entire unit. Here are some of them:

Solution A - Disassembly

The first option is to disassemble your headphones completely and then clean all components inside using a Q-tip with alcohol or water. Make sure that you don't leave any dirt or junk in place since it can cause short circuits, etc. Also check for any loose wires around the damaged speaker which might have come off.

##Notes on Solution A - Disassembly:  

As I said above, this is not recommended unless absolutely necessary since it will void your warranty and risk damaging other more delicate parts of your headphones if done improperly. Only try this method if the previous one fails to fix it permanently. It's also good to get replacement parts/drivers if you don't feel like disassembling your headphones.

After cleaning put it back together and adjust all connections inside the headphone jack (headphone jack may be different in different devices). You can maybe unscrew one side of the broken speaker or separate them completely, clean everything again including both sides of the speakers using vacuum cleaner with brush attachment, reconnect them and see if they work.

Solution B - 3rd party software 

This is a very helpful trick that I use sometimes when my headphones start to act weird on Windows. There are several apps out there that let you control audio streams separately on each device / earbud which means that you can play audio from the left speaker only through the right earbud and vice versa.

Solution C - Replacement drivers 

If you aren't handy, don't like the idea of disassembling your headphones or they are too old to justify that or you simply can't bear doing it anymore for whatever reason, then getting replacement parts with new drivers is an option. However, most times all you need is cleaning with Q-TIP like Solution A above which is much easier than replacing parts entirely. I recommend this option only when other solutions fail to work permanently. You can replace either one side (left or right) or both sides depending on what needs fixing. It's not difficult at all since almost every part inside headphones are screwable together so finding parts will be easy if you're able to follow instructions in the article above.