Moreover, there are also other reasons to wear headphones.

If you ever have the experience of going to a rock concert and watching live. You might have experienced the loud environment. People are dancing, singing, and chill out like crazy. It is very hard to keep communication alive in such a circumstance. The drummer also has the same experience. For that matter, to stay in touch with bandmates and to protect their ears, they use headphones. 

Another question that can crop up in your mind_ Not every drummer wears headphones. Yes, it is true. Despite the headphones, there are other devices as well that are used instead of headphones.

In-Ear-Monitors for drummers (IEMs)

Just like the headphones, it is a device that fits in your ears snugly. It uses musicians, drummers, and audiophiles to listen to their own vocals, musical instruments on the stage live. It is a great alternative to headphones and works in the same way. It blocks out noise and provides a source to keep in touch and customize the beats live to keep everything in rhythm.

Earplugs - Why do drummers wear earplugs

Earplugs is another excellent tool that uses drummers while performing live. It is not functional like the In-ear-monitors, but it can lower the overall conditional noise. It is a great approach to prevent hearing loss or tinnitus.


Earmuff is another handy device that uses drummers. Like the earplugs, it is not fully functional, but it can block outside noise in a pretty decent way. You cannot communicate with the bandmates if you use ear muffs. In the same vein, to keep the band alines, you have to use an earpiece with earmuffs to overcome any trouble.