Why is my headset / headphone so quiet?

Whether you are using headphones, headset, or earbuds, it is so irritating to have a problem of low volume. That is why it is essential to fix them and get the desired output.

Therefore, the reasons behind low headphone volume depend on what kind of input you're using to listen to your music. So if your headphones work, but the sound is too quiet, there could be a few things going on. The first thing we'll go over is whether or not you have an audio source that is even capable of producing a loud enough sound.

In order to fix them, it is important to know why it is happening so that you get the problem in the first place and implement the solution. 

Some common problems make the headphone quiet.

  1. Compatibility problem

  2. Problem with the jack and socket

  3. Connectivity problem

  4. Device setting

  5. Problem with the audio file

  6. Headset itself problem

  7. Problem with ears

    1. Is the volume turned down?

# 1 compatibility problem

It is quite common if you are a non-technical person because if you purchase a device that does show compatibility with your device. You cannot get the high volume that could help you enjoy gaming, music, or conversation with anyone. In this case, you have to make sure that you purchase compatible headphones.

# 2 Problem with the jack and socket

If you are experiencing low volume while using headphones, you have to make sure your device does not have a loose connection between the audio socket and headphone plug. To get the maximum output, you need a static connection fully plugged.

Another problem that can affect your connection is dirt and debris over your headphone jack or audio port. Moreover, you also ensure your headphone jack is not defective. If it is faulty, you need to be repaired or replaced. 

# 3 Connectivity problem

This is only for wireless headphones; if your wireless headphone is quiet, you have to verify no interference is involved between the connections. For example, you could be far away from a connected device, and there are some physical barriers like walls blocking the signals. If so, you have to minimize the physical disturbance to get the smooth and loud output because it can affect the volume and audio quality.

# 4 Device Setting

Another common issue among the users that keeps your headset volume low is incorrect settings. Even though you are getting higher volume, you can face the issue of one side of the headphone producing low volume and the second is high. In that case, you have to fine-tune your device setting. 

# 5 Problem with the audio file

It is highly unlikely but still, there are chances you are facing the issue due to the recorded file at low volume. It is rare but if such is the case, then boosting your device volume or using any app to get loud volume does not really help you.

Moreover, if you are listening with earbuds or other low impedance headphones, there's a good chance that these won't be able to produce enough sound for you, even if your audio source is capable of producing louder sounds. You could try plugging your headphones into a different audio source that produces higher quality sound, like using an AC adapter on your computer or if you're listening on earbuds, try using something with better drivers, like over-the-ear headphones.

# 6 Headset /Headphone / Earbuds defect

It is also relatively one of the rare cases, but it can be problematic. If you have brand new headphones and you are facing low-volume issues, chances are the headset is a defective piece. To resolve this problem, if your headset has a warranty, make sure to get a free replacement or repair as stated in the policy. 

The reason why your headphone volume might be too quiet could also have nothing to do with the audio source at all. The earbuds themselves may not be working properly, so you can try taking them out and shaking them around a little bit to see if they start producing louder sounds. This is also where you would look into purchasing replacement parts, like earbuds or cables that are compatible with your audio source.

# 7 Ears problem

Humans have unique body parts, So the ear shape also differs from another. It is possible that earbuds do not really fit within your ears due to the external ear shape. And you are facing audio loudness issues. Additionally, earwax is also a problem that causes low volume problems. It can hinder the audio output from being transferred to the eardrums. In this way, you can’t hear anything properly because your ears are blocked due to ear wax.

# 8 Is the volume turned down?

It's possible that your audio source is producing enough sound, but it could just be turned down so much that you can't hear anything at all. Check to make sure the volume is turned up all the way and doesn't have any kind of mute function. If there's a volume control on your audio device look through every option to make sure it isn't muted.

Things you need to consider while facing low volume issues with your headphones.

Hardware check

When you believe that the problem is with your headphones, taking action for hard checking should be your priority. It will immediately help you to detect the problem and provide a solution. Either it is factory defects or breakdown of connection, or it could be an issue. 

You can start by checking if your headphone is properly plugged in. Sometimes we forget to plug in the headphones properly and cannot get the maximum output. In this situation, you have to make sure that you inserted the headphone jack properly.

In the second phase, you have to make sure that your headphone jack is clean. There should be no dirt, grime, and lint attached to the headphone jack. These things are a great case of interference in audio signals, and the headphone jack does not fit in. To clean them you can use cloth and cotton with alcohol.

Besides, if you are using earbuds and facing a low volume problem, chances are earbuds caught by earwax, dirt, or grime. To clean, you can repeat the same process. Take a toothbrush and attentively brush the inner part of earbuds. After that, take a piece of cloth and dip one side in the alcohol, and clean the earphones again.

\ Make sure to check if the headphone jack has damage. It happens when you are not taking care of your device, and you are throwing it like a ball. If it is impair be sure to repair it or simply get a new headphone. It depends on the damage. 

Headphone volume too low Windows 10

To crack down on the problem with Windows 10, you have to follow the steps.

  • Right-click on the sound icon 
  • Select the volume mixer
  • Adjust the volume of your connected device (headphone, headset, speaker)

For audio balance, you have to follow these steps.

  • Hold the Windows key and press S, and type sound in the search box.
  • Open the sound setting
  • Adjust the master volume to solve the low volume problem
  • Click on the device properties above the master volume 
  • Adjust two sliders to balance the right and left speaker of the headphone device

If it is not solving your problem, then check some advanced settings.

  • Open the sound setting and click on App volume and device preferences
  • In the next window, you can adjust the volume accordingly.

In this way, you can solve the problem in Windows 10. 

Headphones quiet at max volume Android

To solve the quiet volume issue in android, please follow these steps.

  • Firstly, try to adjust the volume by pressing the volume button found at one side on an android device. Adjust the volume according to your preference which makes you comfortable.
  • If it did not work, Open your android phone setting and choose the sound and vibration option.
  • Tweak the volume according to your desire, and it will solve your problem.

Fixing volume low Iphone

If you are facing a low-volume issue on an iPhone, please make sure to follow the steps.

  • Open the settings.
  • Choose the music option.
  • Click on EQ settings to manage the volume of your headphones.
  • Choose the flat EQ settings.
  • Check the volume.

Still facing the issue, try the second method.

  • Open the settings
  • Choose volume limit
  • Drag the volume slider to Maximum
  • Now test your headphones again. 

Fixing low volume on Mac

Follow the video to fix the problem.


Used the volume boosting apps on your device

If you're trying to listen to music on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device then, there are a few apps that can help you with this. One such app is called "Volume Booster" and it lets you make the volume of your music louder. You can download it from the iPhone App Store (it's free). (Bass booster IOS)

  1. KaiserTone IOS
  2. Boom Music Android and IOS
  3. Equalizer Fx Android
  4. Precise volume Android

If nothing else works then, you can always take your headphones into a store to see what they think of the problem, but this is something I'd try to avoid unless it's absolutely necessary since stores like Apple would charge you just to look at your headphones and they wouldn't be able to tell you exactly what the problem is.

The reason why this might be happening could have an effect on how much it costs to fix, so before taking it into a store you should try some of these solutions yourself first. I hope that this has helped or at least given you a better idea of what could be going on with your audio source and how you can fix it yourself. If you liked this guide then please give me a thumbs up and share it with anyone who might benefit from a lower headphone volume in the future.